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Wolfeboro 2014 property tax rate up 1.4%

WOLFEBORO — On Nov. 24 the town received notice from the Department of Revenue Administration that the town's 2014 property tax rate has been set at $13.01 per thousand dollars of valuation, up 18 cents or 1.4 percent from the 2013 rate of $12.83....more>

Selectmen review 2015 warrant articles and focus on two of them

WOLFEBORO — Selectmen once again reviewed 19 proposed warrants articles to be put before voters next March at their Nov. 19 meeting. This time final costs were available on all but two of the articles, one of which is the operating budget that the budget committee is still working on....more>

Wolfeboro selectmen remove stop signs after residents object

WOLFEBORO — At the last selectmen's meeting on Nov. 5 Jason Lovering of Millwood Road complained about the placement of stop signs at the intersection of Pine Street, Crescent Lake Avenue and Millwood Road. Lovering returned on Nov. 19 with a petition asking for the signs be removed....more>
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