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Wolfeboro Chamber holds annual meeting

WOLFEBORO — The Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual meeting in the 1812 Room at The Wolfeboro Inn last Thursday morning, Dec. 1. The meeting was sponsored by TD Bank...more>

Maxim Ledoux claims he is illegally being denied access to Tuftonboro emails

TUFTONBORO — Max Ledoux spoke up during public input time of the Dec. 5 board meeting to charge that Administrative Secretary Karen Koch had illegally denied him access to email correspondence from Salmon Press/Granite State News....more>

Josephine Amatucci found to be a "vexatious litigant" by court

Any future case filings must be through a lawyer and bonded

In a 19-page decision rendered on Monday, Nov. 28, Presiding Justice Amy L. Ignatius of the Carroll County Superior Court found that Wolfeboro resident Josephine Amatucci was a "vexatious litigant" as defined by state law and ordered remedies to be applied....more>

Upperclassmen leading the way for Knights

WOLFEBORO — There are plenty of familiar faces for the Kingswood girls' basketball team as the Knights get ready to hit the court for a new season. And coach Dan Chick is excited about the possibilities this year's crop of girls presents. "The first week was a little messed up because of Thanksgiving, but for the most part since then, we went eight days straight," Chick said of his team. 'They're definitely working."...more>
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