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Selectmen happy with year-to-date progress in Ossipee

OSSIPEE — Fresh from a work session with the town finance team, Ossipee selectmen quickly went through the agenda at last week's meeting. Chairman Rick Morgan said that the work session with the town administrator, finance manager, treasurer, and tax collector went very well. "We have $2.1 million in the bank, which is more than enough to meet all our current bills," he said....more>

Commissioners decline to cut $2 million from county budget

OSSIPEE — With the Carroll County budget topping out at nearly $31 million, the county delegation sent a clear message back to the county commissioners sharpen your pencils and find $2 million to cut. The tone of the commissioner's meeting two days later on Jan, 27, however, was that the commissioners did the best they could and there is no place to cut....more>

Wakefield voters add $100,000 for roads to 2016 warrant

WAKEFIELD — At the 2016 Wakefield Deliberative Session last Saturday, Jan. 30, former selectman Johnnie Blackwood made a motion to double the amount the town will spend on its roads in Article 20 from $155,000 to $310,000. While they ultimately persuaded him to lower the amount to $255,000, 43 out of the 46 people voting agreed with him....more>

Fast start sends unified Eagles past Knights

WOLFEBORO — In the first meeting between the two Carroll County rivals, the Kennett unified basketball team got out to an early lead and never looked back on the way to a 22-13 win over Kingswood on Jan. 27. Kennett scored the game's first five baskets and got out to a 10-0 lead before the Knights were able to get on the board....more>
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