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Carroll County finance director resigns

OSSIPEE — Citing a desire to spend more time with his family, Carroll County Finance Director Chuck Stuart has resigned from his position. The reading of his departure letter came at the May 17 county commissioner's meeting ...more>

Ossipee planners defer decision on controversial gas station until June 6

OSSIPEE — The planning board here has decided to hold off on whether to approve a proposed gas station until at least their June 6 meeting. ...more>

In just one year Pride of Wakefield Volunteers have made major improvements in town

WAKEFIELD — By now everyone in Wakefield has noticed the new Welcome to Wakefield sign on the corner of Routes 16 and 109 in Sanbornville. Less known is the group that made that sign replacement possible, in cooperation with the Wakefield Area Chamber of Commerce....more>

Eagle girls win Wilderness title

Kennett boys finish fourth overall

GILFORD — The Kennett track girls came through with an impressive 99 points to rule the day at the Wilderness Championships on Saturday in Gilford. The Eagles boys finished in fourth place overall behind Belmont, Kingswood and Plymouth. As she has done much of the year, Selena Gauthier was the leader for the Eagles, earning top-two finishes in three different events, including one win. Gauthier won the 200 meters in a time of 27.57 seconds, with Rhiannon Hacking in 11th in 29.4 and Sara Ghobashi in 21st in 30.63....more>

Ossipee needle collection problem will not happen again

OSSIPEE — A misunderstanding, miscommunication, and a lack of a clear process all seemed to have been ironed out this week in Ossipee. At issue, as reported last week, was an Ossipee resident by all accounts rightfully upset that her pleas to clean up a pile of needles went unanswered....more>

Ossipee selectmen request information from Freedom on lawsui

OSSIPEE If the Town of Ossipee is being sued by another town, Ossipee taxpayers have a right to know who's footing the bill. The Town of Freedom, funded by an established non-profit organization, is suing the Town of Ossipee and its planning board for the latter's decision ...more>

Special audit of county finds no one stole any money

SSIPEE — Back in August 2015 Carroll County Delegation passed a 19-point resolution of "no confidence" against the Carroll County Commissioners. The 12-2 vote accused Commissioners David Sorensen and David Babson of, among other things,...more>
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