Berlin Reporter

The genius mind and talents of Mark Baillargeon

BERLIN - Mark Baillargeon, of Berlin, is nothing short of a genius. He is a master custom steel fabricator and welder, inventor, engineer, mechanic, artist, musician, has earned Hollywood background acting credits, and the list goes on. Prospective revolutionary ideas and natural talent flow out of him without any apparent effort. However, the effort he puts into his ideas and talent makes up for most of his time around the clock. ...more>

House committees moving forward on SB30 — the "Balsams bill"

CONCORD — "The 'Balsams bill' — SB30 — is progressing very, very well in the House," explained state Sen. Jeff Woodburn of Dalton in an over-the-weekend e-mail exchange. "I expect a positive committee vote next week and then for the bill to go to the floor." ...more>
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