Selectmen vote to move forward with milfoil grant

ALTON — Town Administrator Russell Bailey reported to the Alton Board of Selectmen during the board's Sept. 22 meeting. He informed the board the annual application for a milfoil grant was on track to be in by the deadline. Depending on state revenue available, the town usually receives $15,000 to $17,000 in aid, but in order for the town to move forward with the grant it must first be approved by the selectmen....more>

Lots of roadwork talk in Barnstead

BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Board of Selectmen began its Sept. 23 agenda by meeting with Mark Filion, a representative of Pennichuck Corporation. Filion and the board discussed Pennichuck's role in some upcoming roadwork. He also mentioned the possibility of the town taking out a maintenance bond for "some sort of protection." Chairman David Kerr asked what would be the nature of such a bond....more>

Prospect girls third at Finale in the Valley

WATERVILLE VALLEY — The Prospect Mountain cross country boys and girls sparked a nice rivalry at the Finale in the Valley on Friday, Sept. 26. The race, which includes the cross country teams from everywhere north of Prospect Mountain (plus Kearsarge), including Division II teams Kingswood, Kennett and Plymouth, as well as many Division III teams, is in its second year....more>
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