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Gilford Steamer, Littleton Courier, Newfound Landing, Plymouth Record Enterprise, & Winnisquam Echo
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The Baysider, Berlin Reporter, Carroll County Independent, Cos County Democrat, & Granite State News
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Plymouth Record Enterprise, Winnisquam Echo & Gilford Steamer
Executive Editor, Brendan Berube - brendan@salmonpress.news

Meredith News
Erin Plummer - mnews@salmonpress.com

Granite State News & Carroll County Independent
Executive Editor, Brendan Berube - brendan@salmonpress.news
Editor - Tom Beeler

The Baysider
Josh Spaulding - josh@salmonpress.news

Littleton Courier, Cos County Democrat & Berlin Reporter
Tara Giles - tara@salmonpress.news

How to Submit Announcements & Obituaries

Obituaries and announcements of special events such as weddings, engagements, and anniversaries are published free of charge in all Salmon Press newspapers. Obituaries can be sent to obituaries@salmonpress.news, and wedding, engagement, and anniversary announcements are welcome at weddings@salmonpress.news. Photos are also welcome, but must be submitted in jpeg format. Please contact Executive Editor Brendan Berube at (603) 279-4516, ext. 101 with any questions regarding the submission process.

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Information Manager - Ryan Corneau

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