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Berlin mayor endorses Jeff Woodburn for State Senate

June 27, 2012
BERLIN - Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier endorsed Jeff Woodburn for State Senate District 1 at a press conference Monday morning.

"I am proudly endorsing him," Grenier said. "I share the same views with Jeff on how to move the county forward."

Grenier noted Woodburn was well known in Concord, having served in the state House of Representatives.

"He is a fiscal conservative and is moderate on most issues," Grenier said. "We share a vision for the county. We need to get people back to work so we can reconstruct the middle class."

"Looking at the other candidates it was easy to endorse Jeff. It was not even a close second," Grenier said.

He noted he was a Democrat, but had supported John Gallus, a Republican, for many years.

"It's not about party, it's who can do the best job," he said. "This has always been a blue collar area with working class values. Jeff comes from a blue collar family and understands those values. I think very highly of Jeff not only as a candidate, but as a human being….He will be a very good ally for Berlin, Gorham and Milan. The Androscoggin Valley will be well represented with him as Senator."

Woodburn said he was thrilled with getting Grenier's endorsement. He said when he heard John Gallus wasn't running again he called Grenier to see if he was. "I was glad to hear he wasn't," he said. "Grenier is one of the most important voices in Coos County. He's a can-do person. He has the spirit and drive to get things done," Woodburn said. "I look forward to working with him to improve the economy, create jobs and make sure the rural culture is well understood and represented in Concord."

He added that no one ever had to guess where Grenier stood on an issue.

"Paul has in the past supported Gallus, it's nice to have him on my side. He's a moderate, reasonable, fiscal conservative," he said.

"He's open to considering gambling, which would create jobs," Woodburn said. "When looking to create jobs, you don't know where they're going to come from and you have to be open-minded, you need to be bi-partisan and Paul's a good example of that."

Woodburn noted that Grenier has done a great job in Berlin. "You can trust what he has to say."

"State government plays a critical role in economic issues," Grenier said. "Jeff knows the issues and can hit the ground running. He's the only one (of the candidates running) who truly understands the state, county and municipal relationship."

When asked what he would work on if elected, Woodburn said the lack of civility and the partisanship was one.

"There are no evil people," he said. "We're all working for our own perspective."

"One size fits all doesn't work," he said, when it comes to regulation. "I'll be an advocate for the region. No one will ever have to say 'I wonder where Woodburn is from'. 'North Country' will be in every sentence."

He said he is against broadbased taxes. "Our current system is who we are," he said.

He noted the importance of relationships in getting things done.

"There are people who said George Baldwin spent way too much time up here, but the time he spent was the result of his relationship with Paul (Grenier)."

"The rural culture, not just here, but all over the country has had a hard time lately," Woodburn said. "I will be a voice for the rural culture of the North Country."

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