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Gilford High's Chris Weeks wins School Board Association scholarship

June 20, 2012
The New Hampshire School Board Association's Vice President awarded their annual scholarship to graduating Gilford Senior Chris Weeks at the Spring Gilmanton and Gilford School Board joint meeting Tuesday, June 12.

"I thank the Gilmanton School for preparing my son for high school, and the Gilford School for preparing my son for college," said School Board member and proud father Frank Weeks.

According to School Board Association Vice President Jack Widmer, the scholarship is a very competitive award, and went to Chris Weeks for his many accomplishments, including several drama awards, membership in the National Honor Society, Student Council and many volunteer hours at Lakes Region General Hospital and his fathers work on the Gilford and Gilmanton school boards.

Widmer presented Weeks with an award certificate and a check for $1,000.

Weeks plans to attend college in California.

In other business, Gilford Superintendent Kent Hemingway, newly appointed Gilford High School Principal Peter Sawyer, and Vice Principal Anthony Sperazzo gave an update on the Gilford School District Strategic Plan to Gilmanton board members. They went through the details of the plan pertaining to student learning and new systems in place to provide earlier academic intervention where needed, technology and integrating new devices and teaching techniques like smart phones and tablets, facilities and updates including new boilers for high school and middle school building, and resource management of facilities and staff.

One of the more drastic policy changes brought about this spring included the change in student cell phone use. According to Sawyer, students have been less likely to use their phones during class time.

According to Josie Taylor, the new Student Council representative, her peers are more focused during class time, and less likely to sneak out of class to check their messages when the know they can check them between classes or during lunch.

Sawyer also said this new policy gave teachers access to new tools and educational applications available on tablets and smart-phones.

Lastly, Hemingway said they were trying to increase their E-book content by purchasing a content package but many programs had prices based on enrollment, which made it difficult for smaller schools to purchase packages.

The next joint school board meeting is scheduled for Oct. 1.

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