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Isaacson auction draws a big crowd

June 20, 2012
BERLIN – All of the assets of Isaacson Structural Steel – from heavy equipment to sledge hammers – were auctioned off last week. It was yet another step in the undoing of this once prominent regional company.

Over 100 bidders and many more onlookers gathered in a steel-framed warehouse while an auctioneer zipped through lot after lot of items. A man at the back sat with a laptop seemingly oblivious to his surroundings and was fielding internet bids and electronically sharing them with the auctioneer.

Andrew Conti of Pedowitz Machinery Movers, of Milford, Conn., was there to help successful bidders get their big items back home – which can be all over the world – the furthest coming from Venezuela. He goes to these types of auctions every week and then, when it's over, he disassembles, packs and hauls it all away. Conti said the auction was off to a strong start both in terms of bidders and bids.

"It's good showing –100 plus the internet buyers which are all over the world."

From Conti's perspective the economy is picking up because they are shipping more machinery in country and more new equipment. A video of this story is available on www.WhiteMtNews.com

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