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Lisbon Regional School celebrates Class of 2012

With diplomas in hand and tassels moved to the left, the Lisbon Regional School Class of 2012 prepares for the future. Emily Morse, listed in the program as a member of the class, did not attend the ceremony. Darin Wipperman/The Littleton Courier. (click for larger version)
June 06, 2012
LISBON — With the class motto "Why Stop Now?" on the wall behind them, 28 Lisbon Regional School graduates received their diplomas on Sunday afternoon in the gymnasium.

Graduate Hunter Ruddock delivered remarks to open the ceremony. She thanked administrators, then turned to her classmates to say, "May you be successful evermore." Ruddock also recited the famous Irish blessing to wish that the wind will always be at the backs of her fellow graduates.

Valedictorian Tori Rosebush was appreciative of her hometown. She said, "Lisbon has been great to us."

She wished to instill confidence in her fellow graduates. Her remarks stressed that success is possible in the difficult world ahead. Using a mirror prop, Rosebush offered advice she received from the movie "Cool Runnings." She said that her classmates must see pride and power in the mirror.

"Our purpose can never be stolen from us," Rosebush emotionally declared. "Love life, and God bless," she concluded.

Salutatorian Luke Proctor was moved by Rosebush's words. He began his address by saying, "I don't think I could do anything as awesome as that."

He focused on "the healing power of laughter." He reminded his classmates about the need to find humor in what will become their busy lives.

There was a wide range of awards presented to members of the class based on academic, civic, and athletic distinction. Organizations such as the Lisbon Lions, the town police department, and New England Wire provided awards or scholarships to the graduates.

Graduate Andrew Knighton was recognized by the Littleton Regional Hospital Women's Auxiliary. He plans on a health care career.

Christopher Abbott was given the Cisco Network Certificate. He earned the distinction, and 17 hours of college credit, for work in the networking and information technology fields.

Guest speaker, science teacher Pauline Corzilius, informed the students and guests that the graduates were a "flamboyant, memorable class" that includes "princes, princesses, and clowns, too."

Corzilius admired the accomplishments of the class, but then said they must remember "lots of invisible hands [were] pushing them along."

She then asked family and other supporters of the graduates to raise their hands. "Never, ever forget the sight of those hands," she told the graduates. Corzilius then noted that the Class of 2012 had to "lift up the next person" as part of their generational responsibility.

Principal Stephen Sexton sat in the front row during the ceremony. Afterwards, he was very happy for Lisbon's newest graduates. "They'll do well," Sexton said with a big smile. He remembered several instances where the "fun bunch" of graduates left a positive impact.

In a line outside the school, the graduates shared memories with students and family. This happy time to reminisce did not seem affected by a light spring shower. With warm embraces of congratulations, the students geared up for the future.

Graduates Rosebush and Eric Kukler greeted each other with a warm hug outside. He thanked her for the "awesome speech" that obviously made an impact on the graduates.

As in her speech, Rosebush was very thankful to the community after the ceremony. She said, "We're all family here." "Lisbon is an awesome place to grow up," she added, because of the community's wonderful "support system."

She makes the transition from the North Country to California next fall. The class valedictorian will be attending the Bethel School of Ministry. Even though the school is not large, Rosebush said, "It's going to feel huge to me."

Thoughts of her family, supporters, friends, and the North Country will inspire her. She can also find wisdom from her speech that resonated so well with her classmates and those who attended the ceremony.

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