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Friends and colleagues bid farewell to retiring Pease Library director

Former State Senator Deb Reynolds presents a citation from Gov. John Lynch on behalf of Rep. Suzanne Smith and Rep. Mary Cooney to Plymouth's retiring Pease Public Library Director, Kathy Hillier, at a public reception honoring her outstanding public service last week. Congratulations, Kathy, and thank you for all you have done for our community for so many years and good luck on all your future endeavors! (Marcia Morris — Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
June 06, 2012
PLYMOUTH—On Wednesday, May 30, community members packed the downstairs area of the Pease Public Library to thank and celebrate departing director Katherine Hillier for her almost two decades of service to the community as she prepares to retire.

Throughout her time at the Pease Public Library, Hillier has formed many great relationships, and has been an asset not only to the library, but to the entire Plymouth community.

Some of her friends and colleagues shared some of their favorite memories of Hillier.

"Well, I remember her first day here because she was sitting at the desk one day when I got there, and I realized that was our new director," said Pat Hanscomb. "As I got to know her, my favorite memory is seeing her in the children's room singing to the children."

Many friends, colleagues and community members mentioned Hillier's entertaining story hours, and talked about her love and patience when working with children.

"My favorite memory is story hour," recalled Alma Grand. "I brought my grandchildren that are in college now, and now I bring my little Joseph. Katherine was wonderful reading to them, doing little dances and songs, and having snack and crafts there. She's just the best."

The recent library renovation project also stood out in many individuals' memories as one of their favorite shared experiences with Hillier.

"Some of my favorite memories have got to be during the renovation project, when we insisted we weren't going to work without coffee and chocolate," recalled Hanscomb. "Every morning, we came in, and there was a pot of coffee on, and we were just so cold and dirty, but nobody walked out."

Hillier's perseverance and hard work throughout the renovation process was a memory so many of her friends and co-workers were fond of.

"There is nothing quite like sharing life in this downstairs under construction, when you're all sitting in meetings wearing your hardhats," said Winnie Holt.

The pride Hillier took in the library and all of her hard work and dedication will always be remembered.

"I think my favorite memories of Katherine were at the library opening for the addition, and how proud she was after all of the hard work she had done with her hard hat and everything else," said President of the Young Ladies Library Association, Elayne Freedman. "She has been an incredible woman to work with, and I think the library, and the town, is going to miss her."

Hillier's compassion and interest in others, whether it be library patrons, employees or volunteers, was incredible, always inquiring about the lives of other and lending a hand or ear whenever necessary.

"She has been touched emotionally, as all of us have; whenever we've had family issues or personal problems, Kathy is right there, willing to do what she can to help us," said librarian Nancy Law. "It is not often you work in a place like that."

Her interest and compassion toward others has contributed to the positive atmosphere at Pease Public Library that anyone can sense when they walk through the doors.

"I just think Katherine always makes you feel special, and she is so thankful of anything anybody does for her," said library volunteer Susan Grillo. "It makes you feel like you're the only one. She always makes me feel worthwhile, and like I am helping here."

Between her sunny disposition, caring and compassionate attitude and the library renovation project, it is difficult to imagine Pease Public Library without Hillier.

"She's an incredible woman, and a driving force in the addition too," said Freedman. "It is time, and I know we all feel that we can't get along without her."

Though no one will ever be able to take away Hillier's place and contributions to the library, Pease Public Library is pleased to be welcoming in a new Library Director, Rebekka Meteyk, starting July 1.

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