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Wolfeboro Community TV moves into new studio

by Thomas Beeler
Editor of The Granite State News

STATION MANAGER PETER PIJOAN stands outside the Wolfeboro Community TV trailer, located behind the Kingswood Arts Center. The station is moving out of the trailer beginning Wednesday, May 30, and expects to be back on the air Friday eveing, June 1. (Thomas Beeler photo) (click for larger version)
May 31, 2012
WOLFEBORO — After more than a year working out of what Station Manger Peter Pijoan calls "our FEMA trailer," Wolfeboro Community Television (WCTV) is moving into a new studio in the renovated Lakes Region Technical Center beginning Wednesday, May 30.

The move means that the three WCTV Metrocast channels (24-26) will be off the air from Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon. The station plans to be back on the air Friday evening, June 1.

The station has been operating almost 13 months in the trailer, displaced by Phase II the Kingswood renovation project. The studio was moved to the trailer on May 9, 2011.

WCTV covers nearly all government meetings in New Durham and Wolfeboro, as well as athletics and a wide range of other activities in the two communities as well as the Governor Wentworth Regional School District.

"The new studio will be twice as large as the old one," Pijoan reports, "and we will have a separate control room for the first time." The old studio was an undivided room with a corner screened off for studio programming.

Another advantage will be a much faster Internet connection, thanks to the upgraded wiring and Metrocast connection in the renovated complex. As a result, live meeting broadcasts and other remote feeds will be faster and more reliable.

"We are really looking forward to the move," Pijoan said, smiling broadly.

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