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Papile gets 50-year sentence for Dittmeyer murder

ANTHONY PAPILE in a police arrest photo from 2011 (Courtesy photo)
May 31, 2012
OSSIPEE — Telling the court that he'll "never deserve forgiveness," Anthony Papile, 29, of Ossipee pled guilty to the second degree murder of Krista Dittmeyer May 24 in Carroll County Superior Court.

A plea agreement was worked out between the N.H. Attorney General's Office, Papile, defense attorney Jesse Freidman, and Dittmeyer's family. In the agreement, Papile agreed to waive his right to be indicted by a grand jury and his right to a trial in exchange for pleading guilty to a prison sentence of at least 50 years in prison.

Papile was given credit for the 380 days he'd already served in jail since being arrested in May 2011, the same day his alleged accomplices Michael Petelis, 29, of Ossipee and Trevor Ferguson, 24, of Tamworth were arrested. Papile has been housed most recently at Strafford County House of Corrections, held on $250,000 cash bail for the second degree murder charge. Papile, who has an 11th grade education, can have his sentence reduced by an additional seven and a half years if he participates in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and completes the associate's and bachelor's degree program.

May 24 had been scheduled as the structuring conference where attorneys from both sides meet with the judge to schedule hearings and trial dates and deadlines for filing motions with the court. Wednesday afternoon, however, a notice from the state prosecutors announced Papile would instead forgo the trial process and would be pleading guilty.

N.H. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young, presented a summary of the evidence that would be presented if the matter was to continue on to trial, spelling out the confession that Papile made to police about the events on the night of April 22, 2011.

Dittmeyer was in the Conway area at 9:43 p.m. and got a text from Michael Petelis, "Call me when you are on the way so I can leave the door unlocked. I got company," it read.

When she arrived at the apartment building on Route 16 in Ossipee, Papile was "lying in wait." As Dittmeyer made her way up the stairs to Petelis' apartment, Papile struck her with a club three times, jumped on her, put his hand over her mouth, told her to be quiet and dragged her into the laundry room where he had been hiding. Petelis and Papile then bound her with duct tape and placed her in the trunk of her car, agreeing that they needed to "take care of the problem." Young said Papile even knocked out the light inside the trunk so as not to be seen by passing motorists on Route 16 as they loaded her body. Papile drove her to Cranmore Mountain Ski Area in North Conway, a location he was familiar with because, he said, he helped construct the pond when he worked there. According to Young, Papile confessed to parking near the snowmaking pond at the ski area, removing her body from the trunk and pushing her body under the water and away from the shore. He left Dittmeyer's car running with her 14-month-old daughter Aliyah in a carseat, the heat running and lights flashing in hopes someone would find the baby. Papile was picked up by Petelis and Ferguson and Papile showed Petelis where he had dumped Dittmeyer's body.

Young said prosecutors were prepared to enter into evidence that Papile's fingerprint was found on the duct tape.

Young said an autopsy was performed on Dittmeyer's body after it was found April 27. The autopsy revealed the cause of death was cold water submersion. Papile assumed she was already dead when he opened the trunk and she was not moving. He also told police that he checked for a pulse, a skill he learned in lifeguard training, but did not find one.

Dittmeyer's blood was found in the trunk. Dittmeyer's cell phone was never recovered. Young said that the last call Dittmeyer made to Petelis was at 11 p.m. and that according to US Cellular, Dittmeyer's phone was not shut off manually but either powered down because the battery ran down or it had been submerged in water.

Once back at the Ossipee apartment building, Young said, Ferguson was paid $20 for gas and given some marijuana and cocaine.

Papile has been convicted of several misdemeanor crimes, dating back to 2002, according to Young, including criminal trespass, criminal threatening, driving on a suspended license, possession of drugs, violating bail and probation, and receiving stolen property. He served six months of a 12-month jail sentence back in 2005 for violating his probation.

His voice broken, Papile read a statement at the hearing Thursday saying he is "truly sorry for what I've done" and that he will live with the pain and shame of "being the monster in their lives." He said he hopes the nightmares will stop for the family and that they will find comfort in the many good memories they have of Dittmeyer. "The nightmares will never stop for me," he said.

Dittmeyer's mother Lanell Shackley spoke of the heartbreak and fear she has endured since the day she lost her daughter who was also her best friend. Now charged with raising her granddaughter, Shackley said she is angry and bitter, has trouble sleeping and is so afraid to stay in her own home that she moved in with a friend.

A close family friend, Heidi Plourde, who watched Dittmeyer grow from a "young girl to a mother" whose love for her daughter was so obvious and so intense that "it emanated from every ounce of her being, read a statement while choking back tears. She said Dittmeyer was a "giving, kind, affectionate person and a "huge champion of underdogs" who hated to see anyone miserable and was like a daughter to Plourde. "You so viciously took my little girl," she directed at Papile, "My heart goes out to your children. I only hope you are treated in prison with the same respect you showed our Krista," she said.

Papile, a married man at the time of the Dittmeyer murder, was already the father of a toddler and his wife was expecting their second child.

Outside, Young declined to comment on the plea hearing or what the next step is for Petelis and Ferguson who also remain jailed since they were arrested last May and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

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