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Board addresses AYP status

BES eighth grade graduation also set for June 15

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
May 30, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead School Board met on Tuesday, May 22, and discussed the challenges that the school will be facing with it being a School in Need of Improvement and District in Need of Improvement (SINI/DINI).

Principal Tim Rice presented the board with a draft of a letter that will be sent home to parents informing them of where the school stands in regards to Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). The letter needs to be approved by the state.

Rice talked about the restructuring phase that school will be going through and said that there are "a lot of hoops to jump through."

Rice reported that there will some financial support from the Department of Education, $10,000, which will help pay for additional staffing, materials, outside hires and the creation for planning for restructuring.

Chairperson Diane Beijer questioned the process with the test changing in three years. Vice-chair Eunice Landry voiced concern with teachers concentrating on the testing and taking away from classroom time where they are teaching.

Rice agreed with the sentiments from the board. He said the school is improving, just not at the level that is required to meet AYP.

Member Kathy Preston suggested rebelling against the process, but Rice pointed out that the school would lose its Title I funding.

Beijer suggested contacting state representatives and urging them to make a change.

Rice talked about a training that he recently attended where many schools had dedicated personnel that were hired as part of a district improvement team.

He said the Barnstead doesn't have the money or the resources to hire someone to fill that roll.

Rice reported that the enrollment at BES was 507 students and he expects the numbers to go up in the last several weeks of the school year.

The eighth grade graduation will be held at Barnstead Elementary School on Friday, June 15, at 6:30 p.m.

The board discussed a letter provided by Misty Lowe, the Director of Special Education, which detailed challenges that the school will be facing next year.

Member Maureen Fitzpatrick questioned how the school would deal with the issues.

Superintendent Dr. William Compton suggested that the school board contact the budget committee to alert them of the financial impact that meeting the needs of the children could present.

Julie Couch and Annie Bourque gave a presentation to the school board on a mentoring program that has been set up at the school.

Approximately eight to 10 teachers are trained to be mentors and they will be paired up with teachers next fall. Meetings will be held every month for the program. Teachers involved in the program have taught a variety of different subjects.

Members of the board voiced support for the program is looking forward to updates in the future.

Rice suggested that the mentor program will allow for less turnover that will lead to better teaching and better results in the classroom.

The board briefly discussed a landscaping bid for the school, but Beijer made a suggestion to table the issue until the buildings and grounds committee had a chance to review the bids.

The board approved a second reading of a policy regarding students attending the Lakes Region Technology Center. Compton reported that the policy will be sent to the New Hampshire School Board Association and come back for a final reading and will then be forwarded to Prospect Mountain High School so that they are aware of the policy.

The board approved a second and final reading of a policy regarding expense reimbursement for conferences and workshops.

The board also approved final readings of changes to the job description for director of special education and assistant principal.

While reviewing an expense report, Landry noticed a possible error in the technology salaries. Compton said he would look into the issue and get back to the board.

The board approved the authorization for the superintendent to hire during the summer months of July and August.

John Fauci, the new superintendent, will be attending the next school board meeting.

The Barnstead School Board is scheduled to meet next on Monday, June 11, at 6 p.m. at the Barnstead Elementary School library.

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