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Debi Warner a candidate for North Country Senate seat

Hopes to succeed retiring Senator John Gallus.

May 23, 2012
LITTLETON — Dr. Debi Warner has announced her candidacy for the District 1 State Senate seat. Warner, a Republican, has practiced psychology throughout the North Country for 22 years. She has received the support of retiring Senator John Gallus.

Warner believes that her experience as a "creative problem solver" would be an asset in the Senate. She noted, "I've made friends on both sides of the aisle." She said that her recent work to revise medical privacy rules in the state gave her an appreciation for the legislative process.

Warner said she would bring "concerted attention" to improving the North Country economy. "We need access to markets," she said, that will "develop the opportunities for business and jobs."

Warner praised Senator Gallus and Councilor Ray Burton as role models. Both men are "representing the diverse views in the district," she said

Warner noted her great confidence in the people of the region. She said that towns in the district include "focused people who are working very, very hard to rejuvenate the local economy." She said that the people and businesses of the region are "the core of our economic recovery."

Because she works with people throughout the district, Warner said she is "familiar with the culture and the needs of the North Country." She continued, "I am in Coos County for business and pleasure frequently and expect to be involved in the initiatives that are generated by the local concerned residents."

Warner believes that the plans for Northern Pass showed "they were not thinking at all" with an effort to construct the tall towers down the state's "main tourist corridor." She continued by noting, "We need to consider our own sources of power."

Regarding the private prison in Lancaster, Warner did note her experience working with correctional facilities. She said the pros and cons must be balanced. She would study the specific proposal in more detail before stating an opinion on the matter.

On health care, Warner remains concerned that specialty care can be difficult to find. She views the video technology of telemedicine as a way to improve access to care for some people. She also sees the "survival of our small hospitals" as a priority.

Warner believes greater Internet access will help business growth. She mentioned the example of her own website, www.renovationpsychology.com. Warner developed this method of reducing stress during home renovation projects. The idea is to "bring you safely across the changes of home improvement to have a really great home and home life."

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