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Michael Whaland appointed LES assistant principal

Michael Whaland was appointed LES assistant principal on Monday night (click for larger version)
May 23, 2012
LANCASTER — Lancaster School guidance counselor Michael Whaland was appointed assistant principal at the 500-plus-pupil pre-school-to-grade-8 school at Monday night's WMRSD school board meeting at a salary of $54,000, starting July 1. Assistant principal Todd Lamarque will assume the top slot on July 1, replacing principal Pat McLean, who on July 1 will assume a half-time Central Office position.

Whaland, who earned his B. S. in 2006 from Plymouth State with a degree in psychology with a minor in law, expects to earn his Certificate of Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Feb. 2013. Whaland has served as LES guidance counselor for four years and lives in Lancaster.

He has also worked with students at the Jefferson School and the North Country CLASS. Whaland co-created a new program for LES primary-age students — the Morning M.O.O.S.E. — who need extra social-emotional support. A resident of Lancaster, he has embarked on climbing the Four-Thousand Footers.

Twenty-one qualified applicants applied for the job, and three were interviewed.

Jennie St. Martin of Whitefield, a May 2012 graduate of Keene State College who earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and specialized in instrumental-piano instruction, was appointed as a music teacher at the Whitefield and Jefferson Schools at a salary of $28,850, step 0-BA. St. Martin, who also plays flute, is a 2008 WMRHS graduate; her mother, Marie St. Martin, teaches at the North Country CLASS.

Forty-six applicants applied for the position; six were interviewed.

Tara Clay was appointed as a WMRHS special education teacher at a salary of $28,850, step 0-BA. She currently works as a one-on-one paraprofessional. Fifteen candidates applied for the position, and four were interviewed.

The school board also accepted the resignation of WMRHS engineering teacher Allan Pike, effective June 30. He will teach engineering at Berlin High School.

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