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Rep. Janice Peaslee will not run for a 13th term

May 23, 2012
GUILDHALL — After serving for 24 consecutive years in the House, Rep. Janice Peaslee, a Republican, has decided not run for a 13th term.

"I've decided it's time," explained the diminutive 77-year-old potato farmer in a Saturday morning telephone interview. "I'm now the second-oldest serving state rep."

Peaslee, who took up flying a few years ago and earned her pilot's license, said she looks forward to doing some traveling. "I'd like to do more in aviation," she said.

Peaslee is a longtime member of the House Transportation Committee.

Her unceasing and ultimately successful efforts to repair and reopen the Maidstone-Stratford Hollow Bridge, an historic pin-connected steel and wrought-iron Pratt through truss bridge over the Connecticut River that was shut down in 1990, resulted in its being rebuilt in 2005 and then renamed the Janice Peaslee Bridge the following year.

"I'm going to miss the people I've worked with," Peaslee said. "It's like an extended family; even if there are disagreements, we're engaged with each other, trying to work in the best interests of our constituents and the state."

Rep. Peaslee, who raised five children with her husband Bert Peaslee, was widowed on Feb. 1, 1999.

Martin Lord Osman
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