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The Rowe Show

Scott Rowe wins third consecutive Big Lake Half-Marathon

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

SCOTT ROWE of Dover crosses the finish line for his sixth Big Lake win. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
May 14, 2012
ALTON — For the third year in a row and the sixth time overall, Scott Rowe of Dover claimed the victory in the Make-A-Wish Big Lake Half Marathon on Saturday morning.

However, this time was a little different, as Rowe had a little company at the front of the field.

Last year, Rowe won going away, besting the field by a significant margin, but this year, David Corbett of Stoneham, Mass. and Chris Ritchie of Hampton were both hot on his heels. Corbett finished in 1:16:28 and Ritchie finished in 1:17:32, while Rowe's winning time clocked in at 1:16:15.

"I was lucky," Rowe said. "I got pushed pretty good at the end."

The veteran runner noted that he enjoys making the trip to Alton each spring.

"I think it is one of the better organized races and it's right on Winnipesaukee," Rowe said. "You can't beat that."

Denise Sandahl of Rochester was the top female finisher, as she raced to seventh overall in a time of 1:23:42. Erika Flowers of Hanover was the second female runner, crossing in 1:28:47 and Sarah Elia of Somersworth rounded out the top three women in 1:29:41.

Among local runners, Jonathan Miller of Wolfeboro was the top finisher, as he raced to 13th overall in a time of 1:27:06, while Alan Barrett of Alton finished 17th overall in 1:28:17.

Former Wolfeboro resident Carrie (Bartlett) Hill finished 26th in 1:30:53. James Downey of New Durham crossed in a time of 1:34:22 for 48th place overall.

Danny Sprague of New Durham finished 62nd overall in 1:36:01 and Kara Jacobs of Wolfeboro was the top local female, as she finished in 1:36:46 for 68th place overall. Elizabeth Bronson of Wolfeboro was 84th in 1:39:18 and Amy Kiley, also of Wolfeboro, finished 124th in 1:42:57.

New Durham's Jason Inglis ran to 133rd overall in 1:43:41 and Cody Symonds of Alton finished in 158th place in 1:45:47. Wolfeboro's Sheila Cronin was 196th in 1:46:43 and Brendan Aucoin of Wolfeboro was 210th in 1:48:46. Dan Place of New Durham crossed in 213th place in 1:49:15 and Stephen Kirwan of Wolfeboro took 220th in 1:49:41. Joseph Blouin of Alton was 229th in a time of 1:50:45.

Steve Renner of Alton and Judi Lemaire of Wolfeboro finished in identical times of 1:52:39 for 278th and 279th places respectively. Sandra Woehr-Blouin of Alton was 281st in 1:52:58. Tuftonboro's Rachel Maliniak was 340th in 1:55:46 and William Murray of Alton was 379th in a time of 1:57:39. Wyatt Siegler of Alton finished 431st in 2:00:47 and Matthew Christian of Ossipee was 442nd in 2:01:17.

Wolfeboro's Deborah Miller finished 460th in 2:02:22 and Mia Whalley of Alton was 465th in 2:02:08. Elizabeth Marcucci of New Durham finished 484th in 2:03:29 and Katie Melanson of Wolfeboro clocked in at 2:04:02 for 495th place. Alton's Stuart Siegler was 502nd overall in 2:05:15, one spot in front of Amie Cloos of Wolfeboro in 2:05:2.

Alton's Stacy Reynolds was 545th in 2:07:13 and Candice Dollver of Mirror Lake finished in 552nd in 2:07:2. Jill Moulton of New Durham finished in 572nd place in 2:07:39 and Christina Downey of New Durham was 601st in 2:09:48. Peter Alden of Wolfeboro placed 648th in 2:13:56 and Erica Bickford Cray, also of Wolfeboro, was 675th in 2:16:39. Wolfeboro's Holly Williams finished 685th in 2:16:48.

Colleen Hiltner of Mirror Lake finished 751st in 2:21:01, just one spot ahead of Theresa Dechiaro of Wolfeboro in 2:21:18. Caila Kantar of Alton was 764th in 2:22:41 and Amanda Savage of Barnstead was 771st in 2:22:58. Alton's Linda Mitchell finished 841st in 2:32:59, while Amy Mitchell of Alton was 852nd in 2:35:24. Kim Proulx of Wakefield and Christine Noble of Wolfeboro were 862nd and 863rd in 2:37:2. Michelle Welik-Cyr of New Durham finished 893rd in 2:44:59, just one spot and one second ahead of Karen Wright of Alton. Jessica Spencer of Mirror Lake was 928th in 3:14:31, Barbara Thurston of Wolfeboro was 931st in 3:19:25, Sue Poulin of Wolfeboro was 932nd in 3:20:51, Kirsten Gowdy of Wolfeboro was 934th in 3:22:33, Lisa Boudrow of Alton was 940th in 3:38:03 and Robert Boudrow of Alton was 941st in 3:38:10.

Complete results from the race can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at sportsgsn@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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