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Student art on display at Public Library

Students Caty Jansury, Kendra Danby and Libby Davies help set up some of their peers’ work at the Gilford Public Library for its annual display. (Jeff Ferland) (click for larger version)
May 09, 2012
Students from the Gilford High School art program will have examples of their work in different media done throughout the year on display for the month of May at the Public Library.

According to Judy Klubben, GHS art teacher, students display their work at the library each year as one of their annual shows.

"It's nice that the library staff gives up the opportunity to display student work," said Klubben. "It's our home town show."

Students Kendra Danby, Caty Jansury and Libby Davies, GHS freshmen, said they enjoyed their art classes in middle and elementary school, but the High School classes gave them the freedom to explore their own artistic interests.

"I wanted to see what art was really like," said Danby. "I really enjoyed it."

According to the students, while they enjoyed their earlier classes in middle and elementary school, they were usually required to work on projects assigned to their class as a whole. The ability to choose from different or specialized classes gave them more appreciation for art. Danby and Jansury took Fundamentals of Art, while Davies took two dimensional and three dimensional art.

"I wanted to be in an art class," said Davies. "It's a kind of relaxing environment."

Students said they planned to continue taking art classes through their academic careers.

Davies said she wanted to take the Fundamentals of Art next year, while Danby said she wants to focus on painting and Jansury said she wants to focus on drawing.

"I have like 15 sketch books," said Jansury, explaining her passion of drawing even outside of the classroom.

According to Leaman Antone, ceramics and sculpture teacher, pieces on display were from all different classes from all grades.

"This is a wide variety or example of different work," said Antone. "We have fun. We have a few different shows, with different work in each one."

Students, along with Klubben, Antone and drawing teacher Laure Weed, set up photos, paintings, drawings and sculptures by more than 50 students in the Library Exhibition area and around the top floor.

According to Klubben, there will also be a senior art exhibit in the High School lobby for the 2012 Awards Night.

Martin Lord Osman
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