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Waterville Valley named official resort of the Red Sox

Tom Gross (left), President of Valley Operations at Waterville Valley Resort, stands at Fenway Park with Jeff Farmer (right), in charge of Client Services for the Boston Red Sox in early April, when the partnership was in its discussion phase. (Ashley Finethy) (click for larger version)
May 09, 2012
WATERVILLE VALLEY—Waterville Valley Resort was recently named the Official Resort of the Boston Red Sox, which has created a buzz in the area.

"The relationship between Waterville Valley Resort and the Boston Red Sox adds a certain validity to the region that can't come from other forms of advertising and marketing," said Waterville Valley Chamber of Commerce Director Joe Collie.

Though Waterville Valley Resort isn't 100 percent sure about the conditions of their extremely new partnership, they are excited about the possibilities that this will create for the resort.

"We have a meeting with them on Thursday, May 10 to hammer out with them what we can and can't do," said Tom Gross, President of Operations at Waterville Valley. "There is a lot we want to do, but all of this stuff is in the discussion stage."

With big plans for the coming ski season, the Boston Red Sox and Waterville Valley seem to be an unlikely partnership, but these two organizations have more in common than meets the eye.

"Just being affiliated with the Boston Red Sox is huge," said Gross. "It's all about memories. There's families going to Fenway Park, and you always have those great memories of your first time going to the ball park."

Waterville Valley, he said, has a similar family tradition, with families coming to ski and spend time creating memories during baseball's off season.

"Waterville Valley is families that have been coming for generations, and have phenomenal memories and experiences of being in Waterville," said Gross. "Having two great institutions that cater to families and cater to memories in this partnership is a very cool thing."

The Red Sox and Waterville Valley also share the goal to help form and train world class athletes from the New England area.

"The Red Sox are a phenomenal New England tradition, and Waterville Valley is a phenomenal New England tradition as well, not only for families and recreational skiers, but for World Cup events we've had here," said Gross.

While Fenway Park has been home to dozens of noteworthy athletes, award winners and baseball superstars throughout its long, rich history, Waterville Valley has also been home to many world class skiers.

"Hannah Kearney, who is a current gold medal winner in the moguls, has trained at Waterville Valley, so you have the great athletes," said Gross. "Jean Claude Killy skied here, Alberto Tomba and Bode Miller; they all ski Waterville Valley."

With rich tradition and memories, as well as world class athletes, Waterville Valley and the Boston Red Sox' seemingly unlikely partnership promises to be a good one, with all of the same goals and similar experiences.

"Our arena has been graced with great athletes, as has Fenway Park, and both have been an arena where families have bonded and had great memories and great experiences," said Gross. "There are a lot of similarities between the two, so to partner up with them is very cool."

This is also a wonderful partnership for the Valley as a community, and those who want to visit the Valley as a result of this new partnership.

"While it is a partnership between the team and the resort, the people who visit the resort as a result will be exposed to the whole community when they arrive, so it is a win-win for all," said Collie.

Since Waterville Valley will be reaching Red Sox fans from around New England, those that ski and enjoy the Red Sox will be in the Valley sharing their passion and love for not only skiing, but for Boston sports.

"I think that added validity will change the dynamic of the area, and certainly, the exposure will bring more awareness of the region to the fans of the Red Sox; fans that include families and children," said Collie.

Though Waterville Valley isn't sure about what their new and exciting partnership will yield, they are hoping to get the ball rolling to benefit both the Red Sox and Waterville Valley Resort.

"We want to make this work for us, and want to make it work for Fenway and the Red Sox," said Gross. "We have some good people coming up with some good stuff, and after Thursday's meeting, everything is going to get into focus a little more on what we can and can't do."

Look for additional information about this new exciting partnership in upcoming editions of the Record-Enterprise.

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