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FairPoint plans 95% broadband coverage by next spring

May 03, 2012
OSSIPEE — An announcement by a citizen at the weekly Ossipee selectmen's meeting piqued curiosity and even raised a little excitement over the fact that broadband internet access might finally be available to all residents in this town.

Ski Kwiatkowski told the board that the recent influx in FairPoint Communications workers and their vehicles in the area made him curious, so he made a few inquiries and said the prospects look pretty exciting.

According to Jeff Nevins, the media contact for Maine and New Hampshire at FairPoint, there is progress coming that will bring broadband internet service to customers in Ossipee that at this point have no high speed internet access.

Nevins explained that when FairPoint took over from Verizon, FairPoint planned to have broadband internet access available to 85 percent of homes and businesses by the end of 2011– which is where they are now – and to 95 percent of homes and businesses by April 2013.

However, when asked Nevins could not get into many details and could not verify whether or not the areas of Water Village, Sawyer Road, Chickville Road, and Spring Tavern Road currently not receiving this service will be receiving it soon. He said there are several projects on the plan but sometimes the plans have to be reworked, so giving customers definite dates of installation now might serve only to disappoint them if the dates are delayed even in the slightest.

Nevins said FairPoint will know more "in terms of particulars" by the third quarter of this year and as new customer access to broadband internet is added in town – even in terms of small pockets – news releases will be sent out to let the public know. He said there will be a "significant jump" in available broadband service by April 2013.

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