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List of top 10 Carroll County earners released

May 03, 2012
OSSIPEE — In response to a request from this reporter on April 2, the Carroll County Business Office has released the list of the top 10 earners on the county payroll for 2011. The list received includes the total salary for each position last year and is listed by position, not divulging the employee names.

During the salary setting for elected officials, Rep. Frank McCarthy (R-Conway) asserted that of those earning the most last year, only one is an elected official. McCarthy was right. The list shows that the top ten earners include not only the county attorney but also two members of the county sheriff's department.

• $107,865.20 – Nurse at Mt. View Community

• $103,019.80 – Administrator, Mt. View Community

• $87,144 – Director of Nursing, Mt. View Community

• $82,126.88 – Nurse, Mt. View Community

• $79,278.33 – Captain, Carroll County Sheriff's Department

• $75,834.97 – Nurse, Mt. View Community

• $69,316.73 – Nurse, Mt. View Community

• $68,798.00 – Superintendent, Carroll County House of Corrections

• $68,115.45 – Carroll County Attorney

• $67,331.24 – Deputy, Carroll County Sheriff's Department

The county attorney was set to earn $70,000 this year, the same as his highest paid assistant attorney but the delegation voted to bump his salary up slightly to $72,100, a number that will remain in effect for two years.

The sheriff who saw two of his employees earn more than he did last year, received a slight increase to $62,186 with a $250 clothing allowance.

During the salary setting process for the county employees and elected officials, it was brought up several times that Carroll County government employees earn less, often much less, than employees and officials in comparable positions who work for other county governments in the state. Some delegates, however, as well as members of the public want to see future salary setting based on what workers in comparable positions are earning in the private sector in Carroll County, instead of how this county compares to other counties in the state. For example, Mark McConkey (R-Freedom) and Karen Umberger (R-Conway) argued that lawyers in the private sector practicing in Carroll County are earning much less than the $50,000 to $72,000 salary range for the county attorney and his assistants, an argument that Dewhurst, who also has a private law practice, strongly disagrees with. Some also argued that county nursing home salaries should be more in line with what private nursing homes are paying and secretaries and office staff should earn comparable to what the average secretarial pay is in Carroll County. It is unknown whether this information has already been gathered or if it is in the process of being gathered but there was no indication at the delegation meetings during the budget process that anyone was going to be taking on this comparison study.

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