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Wolfeboro man arrested for attempted murder and assault of girlfriend

CONNOR FORD was arrested by Wolfeboro Police on Wednesday, April 25, and held at the Carroll County Jail on charges of attempted murder, first- and second-degree assault and criminal threatening. A probable cause hearing is scheduled for May 9. (Police courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
May 03, 2012
WOLFEBORO — A drunken lovers' quarrel on April 23 led to the arrest of Connor Ford, 31, on April 25 for attempted murder, first and second degree assault and criminal threatening.

Complaints filed by Detective Guy Maloney of the Wolfeboro Police Department charge Ford with "recklessly causing bodily injury to another… by means of a deadly weapon, a rock, with which he beat [his girlfriend] repeatedly…and pushing her into a fire."

The father of the victim alerted police on April 25 to his daughter's injuries. Detective Maloney went to her home at 9:07 a.m. in response to the call and brought her to Huggins Hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained in the severe beating she said she endured while struggling to fight back after an initial punch to the face knocked her back to the ground. The altercation took place by a fire pit in back of her house, an area off limits to Ford by court order.

Those injuries included a nasal fracture, broken facial bones, abrasions, contusions and second-degree burns to her right hand sustained as she sought to brace herself as the two wrestled on the ground. The victim claimed that Ford hit her in the face with a rock at least ten times.

Ford was picked up by officers shortly thereafter at 10:48 a.m. at the Wolfeboro Baptist Church.

In the record of her interview with Maloney, the girlfriend said that her relationship with Ford began in October, and she claimed that he had assaulted her three times in the past, but never at this level. She alleged that in the course of their argument on April 23, Ford threatened to "cut off some of her body parts" and he had yelled that it would be easier to kill her and that he could get away with it. She recounted also that he had strangled her with her pantyhose in the past, to the point where she thought she was breathing her last breaths.

In his April 25 interview with Maloney, Ford admitted that he had been drinking heavily, but said he had no memory of the assault.

Ford had been released from the Carroll County Jail on March 16 by order of the court, where he had been held for 28 days since a dispute with the girlfriend on Feb. 18 resulted in arrest. He was convicted and sentenced to 120 days on charges of resisting arrest, criminal threatening and disorderly conduct, with the remaining 92 days suspended on good behavior for two years. The court also recommended a substance abuse evaluation.

Within little more than a month, April 26, Ford was back in court. Ford pled not guilty to misdemeanor charges (event taking place at a location prohibited by the March 16 order and criminal threatening) and entered no plea to the felony charges. Judge Robert Varney called the "grievous nature of the offenses charged…particularly shocking in nature" and denied bail.

According to court records, Ford has been arrested 11 times since 2009, including charges related to possession of controlled drugs, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, driving under the influence and driving without a license.

A probable cause hearing is scheduled for May 9.

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