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New Durham selectmen hire new police officer

May 01, 2012
NEW DURHAM — The New Durham Board of Selectmen held a brief meeting to discuss the hiring of a new police officer for the town.

Police Chief Shawn Bernier and Sergeant Reginald Meattey met with the board to answer any questions concerning the decision. Due to the personal nature of the questions that were to be asked, the board voted to move the meeting into non-public session. The board re-entered into public session and Bickford made a motion to hire Mike Joy as a police officer in the town of New Durham. The motion was seconded by Theresa Jarvis and passed by unanimous decision. The board will draft an offer letter, detailing rate-of-pay, to Joy with an official start date of May 14.

Town administrator Alison Webb made the comment that Joy seemed excited at the possibility of being hired as a police officer in New Durham and that, "I think that is the type of person you can take heart in hiring."

Chief Bernier followed Webb's comment by informing the board that he plans to send Joy to Rifle Instructor School. Joy is a currently a firearms instructor, which is a prerequisite for being a rifle instructor. Bernier expressed that the police department currently has a need for this position and Joy meets that need. Bernier also explained that having an instructor within the department eliminates the need to send officers out for rifle and firearm training, as it will be possible to achieve within the department.

Webb reported to the selectmen that the bids to resolve the mold problem in the basement of the Town Hall had been submitted. All of the companies that submitted a bid stated that they would not be able to guarantee their work unless some form of vapor barrier was applied to the floor of the basement. Due to the Town Hall's status as a historical building, the selectmen have been cautious not to make any changes to the building that would jeopardize the historical status of it. Building Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer Arthur Capello informed the board that he is compiling the bids and putting them together for the selectmen's May 7 meeting, and that he will have his recommendation for them at that time. He also told the board that one of the companies will guarantee the work if they can also put in a floor made up of poly materials. The board suggested that an addendum be added to the bids for applying a vapor barrier to the floor of the basement, so that the work can be guaranteed.

The next New Durham Board of Selectmen meeting is scheduled for May 7 at 7 p.m., in the Town Hall.

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