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Tamworth to offer online property tax payments

April 26, 2012
TAMWORTH — This town is making the move toward convenience for its taxpayers by getting an online payment system up and running by July.

Selectmen here met with the tax collector and other town office representatives April 16 to discuss a new program that will allow taxpayers to make property tax payments from the comfort of their own homes via electronic check or debit card payments.

After attending a Webinar (a seminar on the Internet), Selectmen Robert Abraham and James Hidden voted to move forward with getting the new system in place. Selectman John Roberts was unable to attend the morning meeting.

Treasurer resigns

Earlier this year, Town Treasurer Mary Mills and the town's selectmen and administrator were at odds about whether or not she was performing the duties of her office and in compliance with the town's finance policy. Selectmen had filed suit against Mills to attempt to push her into compliance, a suit that was later withdrawn. Mills ran unopposed for her treasurer's seat in March and was re-elected. A couple of weeks later, April 6, Mills gave her resignation to the selectmen. The board met with the deputy treasurers Marilyn Swan and Mariette Ross, trying to determine if either of them were willing to assume the full duties of treasurer. Swan told the board she was unable to commit the time necessary but Ross was willing. Ross was appointed as the new town treasurer on April 9, a position she will hold until the March 2013 election, at which time she can seek election to the position.

One sticking point the selectmen could not seem to move past with Mills was the fact she received town treasurer mail at her private residence. It has since come to light that this is also the practice of the town's Trustee of Trust Funds, an issue the selectmen plan to address.

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