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New tenant for Timco property?

Earth Mechanics hoping to consolidate under one roof

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
April 25, 2012
BARNSTEAD — Jim Locke, who owns Earth Mechanics, came before the Barnstead Planning Board on Thursday, April 19, for a conceptual consultation.

Locke explained that he currently has two shops, with one in Pittsfield and one in Barnstead.

He is looking to combine the shops into one and include office space and is looking at using the former Timco property.

"I am hoping to get a feel from the town of Barnstead and am looking for feedback," Locke said.

Locke said that the Timco property would be a perfect location and would hopefully allow for other businesses to come in around his.

He explained that the auction for the property has been delayed several times.

Member Dave Murley didn't see a problem with the possible move, and Chairperson Nancy Carr sees no problem as long as permits are filed properly.

Member Kathy Preston encouraged the move and welcomed other business to the town.

Member Andy Houle invited Locke to attend a meeting of the Barnstead Development Group, which could offer him assistance.

Locke said he would be making a plea to the selectmen to make the tax assessment more realistic, as the property has recently been stripped of much of its value.

Murley felt that there would be no change of use needed for Locke to come in with his business.

The board discussed the addition of site walks to the site plan and subdivision regulations.

A public hearing will be held on May 3 for the change to the site plan regulations and a public hearing will be held in June for the change to the subdivision regulations.

The board briefly discussed a pair of ballot questions that will be brought forward in 2013. Those two questions include the ability for the planning board to charge fees for outside services and changing the zoning at the Timco property to commercial.

Elaine Swinford suggested doing away with International Building Code and International Fire Code and going back to the town building ordinances.

Houle felt that the code is being abused and that there is too much conflict between departments.

A discussion on the cell tower regulations was tabled until the next meeting.

The board approved changing the driveway permit to include a requirement of a picture to be kept on file. The issue will be addressed at a public hearing in June.

The board discussed the addition of a deck at 10 Indian Ledge. A new owner wants to put a deck on the house and the board felt that they have acceptable version of a survey on file.

The board also discussed a 54-acre parcel on North Barnstead Road. The owner of the property is interested in having a firearms training facility open on the weekends.

The property only has 600 feet of road frontage and Swinford, who is a State Representative, said she will look into the issue.

Swinford came forward as the board discussed a letter from Fire Chief Mark Tetreault that addressed fire code violations at the new Senior Fun Spot.

Some of the items included in Tetreault's letter were: a furnace that wasn't properly enclosed, the need for a fire door, the need for an exit sign, curtains that are combustible, the need for fire detection system, the need for a ramp and the wrong kind of handrail being installed.

Houle questioned why the concerns weren't brought forward when the beauty salon and the video store were open in the same location.

Carr and other members of the board brought forward the same question.

Bob LaRoche, the board of selectmen's representative, suggested that the board talk to the fire chief.

Swinford explained that the building inspector had no issues with the building.

She also questioned why concerns now and not in the past.

Carr recommended that Swinford talk to the Barnstead Board of Selectmen, and Swinford said she plans to do this.

Carr announced that she and other members of the planning board attended a public meeting on Tuesday, April 17, that was held in Epsom about the nomination of the Suncook River to the New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program.

Houle and other members are against the nomination and feel it will add more regulation to the river that isn't needed.

Carr announced that Jacquie Colburn, a program coordinator for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, would be making a presentation on the topic during the planning board meeting on Thursday, May 17.

The next scheduled meeting of the Barnstead Planning Board is on Thursday, May 3, at 7 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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