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Theberge brothers to open Groveton store

April 25, 2012
GROVETON– The Theberge brothers have expanded their convenience store and gas stations by signing a lease to operate – and eventually buy -- the former Munce's Konvenience store at the junction of Routes 3 and 110. Rick and Michael Theberge own two nearby stores – the Coos Pit Stop, on Route 3 near the Ocean State Job Lot store, and the Stratford Hollow Village General Store.

"This was an opportunity that comes only once in my life time," Rick Theberge said, "convenience stores are territorial." He said, they plan to be open by the end of the month and will retain most of the former Munce's employees. The Theberge brothers will continue to operate the deli even though this is "a new experience" for them – their other two stores don't have delis.

All the Munce's Konvenience stores, which had been tied up in bankruptcy for nearly a year, were sold to a CMRK, a Massachusetts real estate investment holding company with ties to the convenience store giant Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., which owns the Circle K stores. But this company has tried to unload these stores, rather than operate them. CMRK has insisted that a short-term lease that eventually will turn into a sale. The Theberge brothers had their eyes on the former Munce's store on Bridge Street in Lancaster, but Rick said, "That's on hold; we're focusing on Groveton."

Theberge said his move is not based on optimism in the economy, but rather a territorial move that will expand his market share and allow greater efficiency. "I think," he said, "the economy has been on a long, slow slide since the 1980s – it's all about jobs."

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