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Local artist re-discovers a long dormant gift

Library Director Katherine Dormody and Kevin Roy hold Roy’s landscape of Ramblin Vewe Frams, which he will donate to the Library at the end of the month. (Jeff Ferland) (click for larger version)
April 11, 2012
Local artist Kevin Roy recently unveiled his work, including oil and charcoal portraits, stills and landscapes, in the Gilford Public Library exhibition area, where it will be displayed throughout the month of April.

Roy said he has always had an interest in art, but hadn't pursued his passion since high school. He said one year, between his 35th and 40th birthdays, with the support of his family and some birthday money, he bought some oil paints and a few sheets of canvas.

Roy described himself as a self-taught artist, and admitted that he was a bit unsure of what he was doing when he began again. He said he took a lesson and read up on techniques so he could begin experimenting. He also devoted a room in the corner of his garage to an art studio, giving him his own space to delve into his craft; a nine-foot by 32-foot room he referred to as "the bowling alley."

Before Roy displayed his work, he said only a few friends and family members knew of his passion for art.

A few months ago, Roy said he painted a landscape of Ramblin Vewe Farm with the intention of someday displaying it in the library.

"It was always in the back of my head to display it here," said Roy.

Once the display was up, and everyone saw his work, Roy decided to donate the painting to the library.

According to Roy, Assistant Librarian Betty Tidd called to offer him a spot in the exhibition area just weeks after he completed the piece.

According to Library Director Katherine Dormody, the painting will go in a prominent spot by the fiction books so patrons could see it as they entered.

"Anyone who knows the history of the library will recognize why the painting will get such a prominent place," said Dormody as she thanked Roy for his contribution. "We are so fortunate to have such talented people in the community."

Upon setting up the display, a library patron made an offer on one of the works; Roy was excited, though he admitted it was not his intention to sell his work through the library.

Roy said he really enjoys working with the black and white medium of charcoal, as he said he has "color-phobia" which he is trying to remedy with new art classes. When he can, Roy said he takes art classes and recently took lessons with Christine Hodecker. According to Roy, his new teacher has helped him beyond his comfort zone of black and white.

Roy said he hopes to have some of his work featured the 2012 Artisans on the Green, and to be accepted into the New Hampshire Art Association.

For more information, visit Roy's gallery Web site at www.kevinroyart.com.

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