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Ossipee board drafting new dog ordinance

April 12, 2012
OSSIPEE — Selectmen here are reminding residents that Earth Day is coming up soon. It's the one day each year when Ossipee residents get a break from the fees charged at the town's transfer station.

This year's event will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 21. Normally, a per-item fee is charge for any bulky items brought to the facility. This year those fees are being waived, with limitations.

Residents, with the proper facility permit, are allowed to dump up to four tires at no charge as well as one of each couch, television, box spring, mattress, chair, air conditioner, 35-pound propane tank. All other items may be charged or accepted at the discretion of facility staff.

This event is not a hazardous waste day – that event will be held in August at a date to be determined.

Dog business

Selectmen have gathered dog ordinances from other towns and are handing the project over to the town's attorney to come up with an ordinance that will work for Ossipee.

Dogs have been a point of discussion at several recent selectmen's meeting. Monday night Selectman Harry Merrow said dog owners allowing their dogs to defecate in the town's cemeteries and on the ball fields at Constitution Park is just not acceptable. Then there is the issue of dogs in the Town Hall. Canines have been welcome with their people to stop by the Town Hall to say hello to the staff or to attend selectmen's meetings, but the practice will have to stop if the dogs aren't well-mannered during meetings. Recently, a resident was asked to remove his dog from Town Hall as he was playing fetch with a squeaky toy during a meeting.

"I'm a dog lover but any dog in here has to be quiet and with its master at all times," said Merrow. "We are all dog lovers But there is a time for business and a time for dog playing," added Selectman Kathleen Maloney.

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