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Silver Hawk Award winners sit down for Pizza with the Principal

The 2012 Winter Silver Hawk Award Winners: in the back row are Steven Viola, Tyler Swarthout and Tom Pouliot; middle row, Erin Gately, Catherine McLaughlin and Nicole Lurvery; front row, Liam Lacey, Claudia Cantin and Nicole Berube. (Jeff Ferland) (click for larger version)
March 28, 2012
Based on teacher recommendations, nine Gilford Middle School students were selected recently for Silver Hawk Awards, and enjoyed a special pizza lunch Monday, March 26 with the Principals.

"These students have displayed these characteristics throughout the semester," said Interim Assistant Principal Anthony Sperazzo.

The award recipients for the winter trimester are, from grade five, Claudia Cantin, Nicole Berube and Liam Lacey; from grade six, Erin Gately and Steven Viola; from grade seven, Tom Pouliot and Catherine McLaughlin; and from grade eight, Tyler Swarthout and Nicole Lurvey.

At the end of each trimester, teachers recommend a male and female student from each grade to recieve the Silver Hawk award. Each student selected displays the four guiding qualities of Gilford Middle School — Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Confidence.

Principal Marcia Ross explained that school officials try to instill these qualities in students, and the awards help give recognition to students who achieve this.

According to Ross, the award is not just for academic achievements; it also recognizes each student as an individual.

"It encompass the whole person — who they are," agreed Sperazzo.

Students said they were excited to earn the awards, and their parents were proud of the achievements.

McLaughlin said her parents were proud, but not overly surprised she received the award.

"I was raised to be this way," she said. "I expect it for myself."

Other students agreed that the four guiding qualities had been part of their upbringing. Pouliot and Gately said they enjoyed the personalized messages from their teachers. Berube said her teacher put her letter into a poem as she enjoys writing poetry.

As students enjoyed their pizza, they said they were excited for their spring activities and sports outside of the classroom.

Mike Cryans
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