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"The Actor's Nightmare" is anything but for GHS Performing Arts

Chris Weeks and Allie Taylor in costume for Gilford High School Preforming Arts presentation of “The Actor's Nightmare” for the New Hampshire Education Theater Guild Festival. (Jeff Ferland) (click for larger version)
March 28, 2012
Gilford High School Preforming Arts recently presented "The Actor's Nightmare" by Christopher Durang for the New Hampshire Educational Theater Guild Festival, and wowed the judges, earning a ticket to the state festival, starting Friday, March 30.

The cast and crew first preformed at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy on March 17, along with several other students from schools around the area.

According to Director Matt Demko, their play is about a man named George, played by Chris Weeks, who happens onto a production by chance where the lead character is in an automobile accident, and must be immediate replaced. Missing cues and fumbling lines, George makes his way through the show, which is ever-changing. When he finally gets everything right, his moment in the spotlight is ruined by the Executioner, played by Bec Pouliot.

Demko and his cast explained that the festival is critiqued by theater professionals who select five productions to move on to the state festival. The students added that there was no set criteria for judging, as each production can be very different, sometimes leaving judges to compare comedies with tragedies.

The cast said they can usually predict which shows judges will select after the first performance, and they knew they would be moving on to the state festival.

Along with moving on to the state festival at Manchester High School West, Weeks and Karen Clark, playing the part of Ellen Terry, each earned acting awards for their performances in the regional festival.

Cast members, some who were participating in their fourth festival, said they loved the opportunity to be critiqued by professionals, and the chance to meet other theater students.

According to Corwin Leber, playing the part of Henry Thomas, there is really no other competition like what they face in the festival. A few students agreed, and said they were in it for the challenge.

"It's diehard competition," said Assistant Director Shannon McQueen, adding that she was extremely proud of the cast and crew as they move on to the state festival.

McQueen, who usually acts in the school productions, said she liked the new perspective that directing brings, and the feeling of control over her peers.

Grace McLaughlin, playing the part of Meg, said McQueen was like the mom or responsible aunt of the group.

Students had just finished their spring production of "You Can't Take it With You" the previous night, Saturday, March 24, and were in the process of striking the set and resuming rehearsal for their festival show.

They will preform in the state festival Saturday, March 31 at 10 a.m., along with nine other schools. From the state festival, two groups will move on the the New England festival, hosted at Gilford High School in April.

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