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Plymouth bids a final farewell to Steve Temperino

Former Police Chief Steve Temperino receives a framed reminder of his time with the Plymouth Police Department, presented by new Police Chief Steve Lafebvre. (Ashley Finethy) (click for larger version)
March 28, 2012
PLYMOUTH—On the one month anniversary of the announcement that he planned to resign from his position, the Plymouth community said a final farewell to former Chief of Police Steve Temperino Friday evening, when community members were invited to the Common Man Inn for appetizers and drinks to wish Temperino the best of luck.

Surrounded by friends, family, community members and former colleagues, Temperino mingled throughout the crowd, still extremely grateful for his 25 years at the Plymouth Police Department.

"He is a guy who has dedicated the last 25 years here, and he's chosen to work here," said former Town Administrator Merelise O'Connor. "He and Trish have chosen to raise their son Aiden in our community and go to our school, and I think it is an incredible commitment and dedication to put 25 years in a job that it's always a great job."

O'Connor recalled when Temperino first started out at the Plymouth Police Department.

"He worked nights, and sometimes, when I would get out of selectmen's meetings at 11 at night, he would be on the street and we would stop and chat for a few minutes, and that's how we got to be friendly in the first few years," said O'Connor.

Other former colleagues spoke about Temperino's early years as a police officer, and some even further back, recalling his time in the Marine Corps.

"It's really been a pleasure to know Steve as a law enforcement colleague, and I have known him as a military colleague," said Wayne Fortier of the Grafton County Attorney's Office. "We both served in the same unit together in my second career in the USMC."

Temperino spoke to the room to express his thanks to the town of Plymouth for the past 25 years.

"I am from the Nashua area, but Plymouth has become home to me," said Temperino. "Everything that really happened to me in my life has happened in this community. I was educated here, I was married here, I became a parent here, my career began here, and my career is now changing here, as well. It has really been an honor. I have really been humbled by the support this community has shown toward the police department and me personally. I want to thank all of you very much."

He also cleared up a few pressing questions everyone had been asking since he announced he was stepping down as Chief of Police and going to work at the Department of Homeland Security in Concord.

"There are two questions I get asked over and over again," said Temperino. "First answer is no, I am not growing back my hair because I am no longer a police chief."

"Second answer is yes, I had to use the search engine Google to figure out what the word 'steeping' meant," he joked, referring to a gaffe in the headline announcing his departure in the Record Enterprise. "I did figure that out."

Mike Cryans
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