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Barnard gets back on Barnstead Board of Selectmen

Diane Beijer, Keith Couch, Bruce Grey and Elaine Swinford also win seats

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider

J.J. PRUYNE is surrounded by supporters and friends in front of the Barnstead Town Hall on March 13 and displays signage urging a vote for him for a position on the school board. Tim Croes. (click for larger version)
March 14, 2012
BARNSTEAD — It was a bit of a mixed bag in Barnstead Tuesday, as a couple of incumbents retained their seats, while another was not reelected.

There were four contested races on the town side in Barnstead and one on the school side as voters went to the polls.

Incumbent Diane Beijer earned 261 votes to beat out Jeffrey "J.J." Pruyne (146), David Finethy (140) and Phyllis Buatti (48) for the three-year position on the Barnstead School Board.

Former selectman James Barnard garnered 313 votes to beat out incumbent Kathy Grillo (182), Kevin Christiansen (101) and Kevin Genest (34) for the three-year position on the Barnstead Board of Selectmen.

Keith Couch (381) and incumbent Bruce Grey (271) narrowly bested Catherine Kowalski (261) for the two three-year positions on the budget committee.

Elaine Swinford received 399 votes to best Toni Arditi (223) to retain her position as Overseer of Public Welfare for another year.

There were several uncontested races on the town side. Vernon "Chris" Hipkiss was elected for the one-year position of moderator, with 553 votes; Suzanne Allison received 537 votes for the two-year position of library trustee; Richard Medvecky received 511 votes for the three-year position on the same board, Stuart Merrill received 538 votes for the three-year position of trustee of the trust funds, Nancy Carr received 551 votes for the three-year position on the planning board, Andy Houle received 32 write-in votes for the same position, Marjorie Terry received 562 votes for the three-year position of treasurer and Frances Eastman received 572 votes for the six-year position of supervisor of the checklist.

On the school side, Hipkiss was elected as the school district moderator with 578 votes, Lynette Rose was elected as the school district clerk with 541 votes and Paul Landry received 16 write-in votes for school district treasurer.

The voters also approved three out of four proposed questions proposed by the planning board.

The first question increased the number of alternate members for the ZBA, and the article passed 325 for and 264 against.

The second question redefined variances in the town ordinance, and the article passed 367 for and 217 against.

The third question proposed requiring permits for temporary trailer hookups to come from the building inspector's office, and the article failed 325 against and 267 for.

The fourth question added the definition of "Commercial Towers" to the table of uses, and the article was approved with 364 votes for and 224 against.

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