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Grand night for Meyers

Clippers best Knights, but Kingswood senior reaches 1,000-point mark

by Joshua Spaulding
Sports Editor - Granite State News, Carroll County Independent, Meredith News, Gilford Steamer, Winnisquam Echo, Plymouth Record-Enterprise and Baysider

KOHL MEYERS goes to the hoop for two of his 28 points against Portsmouth on March 7. Kathy Sutherland. (click for larger version)
March 12, 2012
PORTSMOUTH — The Kingswood boys' hoop team went into its first-round playoff tilt with Portsmouth with a game plan.

While that game plan didn't work the way the coaches envisioned, the Knights did at least come away with a positive in the 102-47 loss to the Clippers on March 7.

Senior Kohl Meyers had a career-high 28 points to finish his career with exactly 1,000 points, putting home a rebound of his own shot with four minutes to go in the game to reach the milestone.

"It's a bar to reach and it's so good that Kohl was able to reach it," coach Dan Chick said. "He's been a great kid, I've really enjoyed coaching him. And he's been a great captain."

While Chick was not thrilled with the overall outcome, he was happy the kids stuck with the original game plan.

"We knew we were outmatched, but we had some things," Chick said. "We had a game plan. Whether you lose by 50 or lose by two, you still lose.

"We were going to go for it," he continued. "Our goal was to win the game and our strategy didn't work."

Going into the game, Chick knew that Meyers needed 28 points and he also knew that the senior had never reached that total in his high school career.

"I saw that he had 17 at halftime," Chick said. "Going into the game I thought it was a long shot, but at halftime I thought, there's a chance."

As Portsmouth upped their lead early in the second half, Chick called timeout and talked to his team.

"I said, 'we are not going to win this game,'" Chick relayed. "But one positive we can get out of it is Kohl's 1,000 points."

He told the kids that Meyers needed 11 points at the break and urged the other Knights to feed the senior the ball when they could.

But it wasn't a picnic for Meyers, as Portsmouth's Billy Lane played tough defense on him and forced him to make some difficult shots in order to reach his 1,000.

"It was a tough situation for Kohl, but he hit some good shots," Chick said.

As soon as Meyers put back his own rebound with four minutes to play, Chick raced on the court to call timeout, allowing the crowd to honor Meyers for his accomplishment.

Chick was pleased with the way Portsmouth handled the entire situation.

"They were very respectful," the veteran coach said.

"The good thing is, when we knew we weren't going to win, everybody was on board with getting Kohl the ball and getting him his 1,000th," Chick said.

Meyers was the sixth player in Chick's coaching career to reach the 1,000 milestone, but was the first to finish his career with exactly 1,000 points.

While the game may not have gone the way the Knights would've wanted, Chick gave the Clippers plenty of credit.

"Portsmouth is a very, very good team," he said, noting that the Clippers shot about 50 percent from beyond the arc. "They were all shooting the ball very well."

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