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More good revenue news in Gorham, Currier sells Groveton property

March 07, 2012
GORHAM – More good revenue news came last week, when Doug Currier, of Currier Sales and Service Corporation sold his Groveton commercial property to Wallie Barry, of W.W. Barry Transportation, of Lisbon. Barry holds the school bus contract for a number of North Country schools, including SAU 36 in Whitefield.

Selectman Paul Robitaille was happy to hear the news and said this is good for Gorham and Currier. He hopes Currier rebuilds his trucking business in Gorham. Robitaille continued, that he expects Currier to "fulfill his obligation" to the town with this sale being completed.

Earlier in the year, Gorham selectman threatened to take Currier's property on the Berlin-Gorham Road for back taxes -- which now exceeds $250,000. Robitaille voted against taking Currier's property, while the selectmen Terry Oliver and David Graham voted in favor. The town was frustrated by Currier 's inconsistent payments to the town. Currier later met with the board and convinced them to give him more time to get caught up. He said he had a purchaser for his Groveton property and this sale would improve his financial situation.

According to the tax stamps paid to the Coos County Register of Deeds, the property at 1149 Lancaster Road, Northumberland sold for approximately $318,000. A partial discharge of his mortgage was included with the deed. This means the property's debt is greater than the sale price, but the debt does include another property.

Mike Cryans
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