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Gov. Lynch to kick off sugaring season at Fadden Sugar House

March 07, 2012
NORTH WOODSTOCK - - Gov. John Lynch and First Lady Dr. Susan Lynch will be in the North Country tomorrow – Thursday, March 8 – for the annual maple tree tapping ceremony.

The event is the traditional kick off of the maple sugaring season. Lynch will tap a maple tree at the Fadden's Sugar House, 109 Main St., North Woodstock at 1 p.m.

Fadden's Sugar House and General Store is a North Country landmark. Owner Jim Fadden's family has been sugaring in North Woodstock for a long time. It started, he said, with "his great, great grandfather's father in the 1896," but it wasn't until the 1930s, "when they got down to producing maple syrup products in a big way."

They tap 6,000 trees and have 17 miles of plastic food-grade tubing. He annually removes approximately 98,000 gallons of water from 100,000 gallons sap and finally is left with just 2,000 gallons of syrup. His logic for producing award-winning maple syrup boils downs to one thing, cleanliness.

The 17th annual New Hampshire Maple Weekend will be held on March 24-25 over 60 sugar houses -- including the Rocks in Bethlehem -- across the state open their doors to visitors to learn about maple sugaring.

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