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Three men help to put out a fire at Bull Moose Restaurant

March 01, 2012
ERROL On Jan. 20, three men rushed to help extinguish a fire at Bull Moose Restaurant. Tyler Martin and Tom Bisson of Berlin, and Al Morancy of Dover were recognized for their bravery on February 17 at a public event held by the owners Karen Martin and Tim Mckenna. During the event, "Hero's Night," Martin made a touching speech to a packed crowd about the night of the fire and how she couldn't find the right words to thank the men enough for their heroism. "How do you say thank you to people who put their lives on the line to save our business? You can't," said Martin during her speech. "However, we do want the three of you to know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts," she continued. She then presented plaques made for each of the three men to honor them as the lively crowd cheered and applauded.

Shortly before the fire, Tyler Martin and Tom Bisson showed up at the restaurant while it was closed, but they were let in anyway and were served a meal. A little while after, the owners were having an issue with frozen pipes and a heater was placed on a pipe to thaw it out. The owners mentioned that this is something that they have done on numerous occasions throughout the years. Within minutes, one of the rental rooms had caught fire and was spreading fast. Martin, who was a paramedic firefighter for 13 years, closed the room door and shut off the propane tanks. Tyler Martin and Tom Bisson rushed outside to help.

Al Morancy, who resides in the area during snowmobile season and who has been on the television show "I Survived," came to the restaurant to inquire about problems with the Internet and quickly noticed the fire. Soon, he and the other two men, as well as Martin, came up with the plan to use snow to put out the fire. Each one of them grabbed shovel loads of snow and went in the building one at a time to throw the snow on the fire. On their way out, they each grabbed something to bring outside, such as a bed or bookshelf, to limit the fire from spreading. One of the men noticed flames coming from the eaves outside and jumped up on the slippery roof to put snow on the fire. After a while, all their efforts paid off and the fire was contained to a small area between the two roofs. The Errol Fire Department arrived to put out the rest.

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