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Kenney accuses someone of breaking into her file cabinet

March 01, 2012
OSSIPEE — "Do you trust us?" County Commissioner David Sorensen wanted to know as Commissioner Asha Kenney accused "someone" of breaking into her file cabinet in the county commissioner's office on the first floor of the county administration building.

Kenney said she has a locked file cabinet obtained from the sheriff's department and that a couple of weeks ago "someone" broke into it. "A couple weeks ago they went into my locked file cabinet. It was like a break-in. I don't know who they was. The person who has the other key went in. I had only one key and the other key was missing suddenly. I did report it to the proper authorities," she said at the Feb. 22 commissioner's meeting. Kenney then said when she got the file cabinet from the sheriff's department she was told there was only one key and was given that key.

She said she knew the cabinet had been broken into because she had a sealed envelope in the cabinet and the next time she opened the cabinet she noticed the letter had been slit open. When asked by Sorensen who she reported the incident to, Kenney said three times that she reported it to the "proper authorities" and finally disclosed that she reported it to the sheriff's department and "one other authority." Kenney said she first reported the break-in to Sorensen and when he did not act on her complaint, she went to the police.

The break-in discussion was prompted by questions about who has control of the county records. As clerk of the commissioners, Kenney said that is her role and she should have control of all the records. She said she would like a new file cabinet and will provide her own locks and keep the keys.

"If something happens and unfortunately you get in an accident and get killed how do we get into the file cabinet?" asked Sorensen. Kenney said that there is not a problem with someone getting into her files now so there shouldn't be a problem getting into the cabinet if something does happen to her.

Before the end of the meeting, while the commissioners were still in the second floor meeting room, a new two-drawer file cabinet was being moved into the commissioner's office, this one with special latches to accommodate a padlock so Kenney can purchase a lock and keep her own key.

Secretary resigns

In other news, Sorensen reported that the commissioner's meeting minute taker, Sandra Twyon has resigned. The commissioners are now seeking someone interested in the part-time job of recording minutes of their weekly meetings.

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