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Siblings with local ties design revolutionary skiing product

February 22, 2012
REGION — From New Hampshire to Colorado, two alpine touring enthusiasts have followed their passion to starting their own business, Elevation Ski Technologies, centered around their first product, which they designed and developed.

As alpine touring gains popularity among skiers tired with traveled slopes and lift lines and looking to explore the side back country, brothers Scott Elliott and Sean Clark have forged their new product, the Alpine Ascenders, to help these adventurous types get more turns in each day.

According to Elliott, sidecountry is skiing terrain accessed by the use of climbing skins or hiking at or around ski areas and backcountry is skiing terrain accessed away from ski areas.

Elliott explained that over the past few years, many major skiing equipment companies have been developing touring equipment to be lighter, faster, and stronger. The newest Alpine Touring bindings are as strong, and perform as well, as the best alpine bindings on the market.

"Elevation Ski Technologies has developed Alpine Ascenders, a grip plate system, which replaces traditional climbing skins in order to speed up the process of transitioning in and out of your skins," said Elliot. "They not only make it easier for the seasoned athlete, but allows more recreational skiers to experience adventure or just get more exercise while skiing."

Accrding to Elliott, their Alpine Ascenders work well with the new Alpine Touring and Telemark equipment recently released on the market and can be retrofitted to older equipment as well.

Elliot grew up in New Hampshire, and always loved to ski. Accroding to Elliott, skiing is in the siblings' blood, as their grandparents owned and opporated Highlands Ski area in Northfield.

Eventually, Elliott moved to Colorado to seek the big mountains and soft powder, but moved back to New Hampshire with a family of his own.

Over the past three years, Elliott and Clark, along with some friends in Colorado, worked on the design of the Alpine Ascenders. The crew took their new product to the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colo., where they met with product designers from major ski companies. To Elliott's surprrise, they had an opportunity to meet with the President of the Rossignol.

"He said it was the best new product pitched to him at the entire show," said Elliott.

Though Elliott and Elevation Ski Technologies are now based in Ossipie, Clark, the VP of the company, lives in Gilford with the rest of the family.

Recently, Elliott and Clark demonstraed their product at Gunstock and reported a positive reaction.

Elliott said he hopes to work with local ski resorts to set up offical demos in the near furure.

For more information or updated demo dates and locations, visit their Web site at www.elevationski.com.

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