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Smith's Farm Stand sends a taste of NH to New York Congresswoman

Nathan and Carolyn Smith send a jug of their Smith's Farm Stand maple syrup off with Ashley Pratte, Congressman Frank Guinta's project coordinator. (Jeff Ferland) (click for larger version)
February 15, 2012
A Gilford couple recently agreed to participate in a Super Bowl bet between Congressman Frank Guinta and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth of New York in honor of the Patriots facing off agaisnt the Giants.

Nathan and Carolyn Smith of Smith's Farm Stand on Sleeper Hill gave a jug of their own NH maple Syrup to what the two Congressional rivals called "A Taste NH vs. a Bit of the Big Apple."

Because the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants in a hard fought game that came down to a last second Hail Mary pass, Guinta's office must give the NY Congresswoman's office lobster from Seabrook, poutine from Manchester and Gilford maple syrup.

If New England had won, Hayworth's office would have sent a spread of cold cuts, baked ziti and NY cheesecake to Guinta's office.

The Smiths have made maple syrup in Gilford for many years. Nathan Smith said he runs about 900 taps each season. Though he has not always made maple syrup, he taps some of the same trees that his grandfather, Sam Smith, tapped at High Maples Farm.

The Smiths use rubber tubing instead of traditional buckets to collect sap. The rubber tub method takes more time to set up, but since there are fewer collection points, takes fewer people to collect sap. They boil their sap in a sugar shack behind their home. The Smiths use a four-foot by 12-foot wood-fired boiler which Nathan said boils 120 gallons of sap per hour. While that sounds like a lot of sap, Nathan said that 150 gallons of sap yeilds about four gallons of syrup.

While the Smiths were happy to participate in the bet, they, like many New England fans, were still a bit upset over the Super Bowl loss.

"It was a very sad loss," said Carolyn. "It was an excelent game, but we couldn't come up with it, unfortunetly."

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