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Mark Duffy not running again for Wakefield selectman

by Thomas Beeler
Editor of The Granite State News
February 02, 2012
WAKEFIELD — At the end of the short Jan. 25 Wakefield selectmen's meeting Selectman Mark Duffy said he would not be running for a fifth term on the board.

"It's time to give some one else a chance," he said. "I think I've served long enough."

Duffy was first elected to the board in 2000 after having served three years on the Wakefield Budget Committee. He has been reelected four times and, come March, will have served 12 years on the Board of Selectmen.

Jan. 25 also marked the opening of the filing period for town offices, where registered voters can sign up to run for elected office with Town Clerk Monique Wood. A total of 12 positions are open: a selectman for three year, a Moderator for two years, a Tax Collector for three years, a planning board member for three years, a treasurer for one year, three Budget Committee members for three years, one Supervisor of the Checklist for six years, an assessor for three years, a Trustee of Trust Funds for three years and a cemetery trustee for three years. The filing period closes on Friday, Feb. 3, at 5 p.m.

The rest of the Jan. 25 selectmen's meeting was brief.

The board approved the terms of the 2011 audit to be performed by Vachon Clukay at a cost of $13,376. Selectmen also approved a special audit by Vachon Clukay of Tax Collector Cathy Kinville's records, since Kinville is retiring this year and the new Tax Collector elected in March will need audited records.

The public was reminded that the town's Deliberative Session, which reviews and potentially changes the warrant voters will see on March 13, will be held this Saturday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Opera House.

Under public comment resident Steve Brown asked why the meeting began at 7 p.m. "Why not 1 p.m.?" he asked. Chair Ken Paul responded that the time is "traditional" and was chosen to allow people to take care of other errands during the day and have time in the evening to come to the meeting. Town Administrator Teresa Williams added that the board did a poll on the subject a few years ago.

"Still," Paul added, "you have 75-100 people deciding what's on the ballot."

Selectmen voted to send a letter of appreciation to Dennis Miller for his outstanding community service.

Town Administrator Williams reported that Town Clerk Monique Wood has been thinking about the November elections and wants to ask the school board if the Paul School auditorium can be used. Williams noted that the auditorium was used four years ago at the last minute and despite the hasty change it worked well, though the students could not use the auditorium/gym/cafeteria for exercise or eating. Selectmen Peter Kasprzyk said he felt the school board would be receptive.

The board discussed Road Agent Dan Davis' proposal to buy a used truck to replace the current vehicle, which has failed to pass inspection. Kasprzyk said buying a town truck used "bothers me," despite the fact that the current truck was also bought used and lasted seven years. Paul said the idea was to look for a four-wheel-drive truck that hasn't been used to plow. Duffy approved looked for a used truck and the board asked Williams to see if Transfer Station Manager Warren Winn could use parts off the old truck.

Williams reported a resident on Emery Lane has written to ask that a street light be replaced. Paul said that police looked at the issue of street lights a while back when the town considered turning off 26 lights. Paul recommended having police look at the issue. Kasprzyk noted that there are only three months of the year when a street light would make a difference and asked to find out whether it could be turned on for only those three months.

The board agreed to set April 1 as the date to sell town-owned properties. Paul noted that Code Officer Arthur Capello goes out first to see if anyone is still living on any of the 10-12 properties taken for non-payment of taxes. Williams reported that some registered mail notices sent to owners of record have come back unclaimed. Paul asked her to send out a final notice of the April 1 date by regular mail "as a courtesy."

The next meeting of the Wakefield Board of Selectmen will be on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall meeting room.

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