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Joyce Endee
February 01, 2012
GORHAM — Sales are improving, reported Gorham Paper and Tissue (GPT) plant manager Willis Blevins on Monday morning.

The No. 9 paper toweling machine and No. 4 40-to-160-lb. fine paper machine are both in operation, and No. 1 was operating during some of January.

"We're selling more each month," said Blevins cheerfully. Three full-time salespeople are at work selling the product, primarily to customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Construction of new space for the brand-new tissue machine is proceeding right on schedule, Blevins said. Consultants have finished working out the logistics for delivering the costly new tissue machine now located in Italy, the Yankee dryer, and all necessary parts to Gorham.

"We expect that the tissue machine will be shipped to the U.S. in February," Blevins said. Installing the new machine represents an investment of about $30 million, bringing Patriarch Partners total investment in GPT to some $70 million.

The payroll now stands at 169 employees.

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