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Planners approve ordinance changes for ballot

by Tim Croes
Staff Writer - The Baysider
January 24, 2012
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Planning Board held a second public hearing on changes to the town zoning ordinance on Thursday, Jan. 19.

With no public input, the board unanimously approved the changes, which will be voted on in March.

The changes include having up to five alternates on the Zoning Board of Adjustment with no more than two appointed in any year and nominations coming from the Barnstead Board of Selectmen, combining "use and "area" in variances, requests for temporary hookups are required to come before the board of selectmen and require necessary permits from the building inspector and adding to the definition of commercial towers to include wireless telecommunication, solar power and wind power facilities.

Additionally, the towers must go through the site plan review process and are only permitted in residential agriculture and commercial districts.

The board briefly discussed a letter from the New Hampshire Municipal Association about public notices. The association is supporting a change that will require public notices in one place in town and one electronically may remove the requirement for meetings to be noticed in a local newspaper.

Chair Dave Murley talked about the increase in postage stamps by the United States Post Office.

Certified letters are required on certain town documents and the cost of the certified letter is going up $.16.

The town will be decreasing the administrative fee by the same amount to keep the fees the same for taxpayers at $12 for a certified letter.

The board briefly discussed a lot line adjustment that will be coming before the board at the next planning board meeting.

Lester Huckins and Richard Miller are the two parties involved, with Paul Zuzgo scheduled to speak for both parties.

Paula Vardaro informed the board that she received an anonymous telephone call about zoning ordinances involving airstrips.

Vardaro informed the caller that the town has no zoning ordinance involving land strips and forwarded the caller to the state regulations on the issue.

The board also discussed a subdivision on North Barnstead Road, where a requirement for a sprinkler system is in place for any building.

A perspective buyer asked if a trailer on the property would need a sprinkler system and was told the trailer wouldn't but a small camp building would need a sprinkler system installed.

Vice-chair Michael Kowalski talked about meeting with the selectmen about the cost of updating the Master Plan.

The total cost of project is estimated at $11,700.

Vardaro announced that two alternates on the board; Bill Evans will be gone for the winter and Chris Carazzo is busy during the winter months.

The board is in need of alternates and anyone interested can find more information and an application on the town Web site at www.barnstead.org.

The next scheduled Barnstead Planning Board meeting in on Thursday, Feb. 2, at 7 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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