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School board finalizes 2012-13 school calendar

Region 9 building renamed Lakes Region Technology Center

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE to the School Board Matthew Lounsbury announced that hes been accepted by early decision for admission to Colby College, the rival of Bates College, he joked, where the last student rep. Tim Campbell goes to school. (Heather Terragni photo) (click for larger version)
January 19, 2012
WOLFEBORO — Having finalized the budget and adopted the warrant for 2012-13 at its Jan. 2 meeting, the Governor Wentworth school board began looking forward reviewing the proposed calendar for the next academic year.

A couple of draft calendars were provided to the board which were "geared towards going back to the days before the district became involved in the building project," said Superintendent Jack Robertson.

Having modified the school calendars for the past two years in order to provide longer summer breaks so that North Branch Construction could time for construction at Kingswood, it's time that the district transition back into a "regular" schedule.

The most significant difference between the two calendars was whether or not school should be held on Discovery/Columbus Day in October and/or Martin Luther King/Civil Rights Day in January.

Though the Kingswood complex is now air conditioned in the summer, not all of the elementary schools are, so getting out on early to mid June is still a consideration.

Going to school on both Discovery and Civil Rights days would mean getting out of school on Friday, June 14, leaving the 17 through the 21 as make-up days if needed. If school were held on only one of those days then the last day of school would be bumped to Monday, June 17. Likewise, if school were to be closed on both holidays then a day would be added to the end of the school year.

After some discussion and finding no easy solution, the majority voted to have school in session on both days.

Board member Charlene Seibel was not in favor of this decision because she said that she wasn't sure how big of a difference one additional day in June makes.

"I have had students in this school district for almost 30 years and during that time I've witnessed on many occasions how creative and ingenious our professional educators are in terms of minimizing the discomfort that they and the students feel."

Seibel later went on to express her disappointment in the board members who voted against observing Martin Luther King Day.

Stephen Guyer, the director of the vocational-technical center, was of the opinion that it would be best to coordinate days off as best as possible with surrounding school districts. Those districts whose students attend the voc. ed. programs have already been dealt a lot of missed days due to the previous year's altered schedules due to the building project.

"With two years on this construction schedule they've been shorted quite a few days."

Guyer said that he would prefer to see Governor Wentworth align more with these three surrounding districts, and because they all have these two holidays off that it would be convenient if Governor Wentworth did as well.

However the board chose to stick with its original vote and will wait to see the revised calendar at the next board meeting, before making a final decision.

Voc. Ed. Center naming

Along with a shiny new facility it looks as though the Region 9 Vocational Technical Education Center will also be getting a new name.

The name change was proposed to the board by the Voc.'s Director Steve Guyer for two reasons; the first, the term "vocational" has become outdated for this type of facility and has become sort of a negative stigma, and second, "Region 9" was a label designated by the State many years ago and doesn't really reflect the geographical location of the school.

After surveying 180 vocational center students and staff the two tops picks were "Region 9 Career Technical Center" and "Lakes Region Career Technical Center" however it was the board's choice as to the final name.

After considering the names the board opted for, "Lakes Region Technology Center," which does seem a bit less of a mouthful then the current moniker.

The name change comes at a good time, as a new sign will be needed for the renovated/expanded space.

The Governor Wentworth Regional School Board will meet again for the district's deliberative session on Saturday, Feb. 4 beginning at 10 a.m. in the Kingswood Arts Center. The next full board meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 6, beginning at 7 p.m. at Crescent Lake School.

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