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New Strategic Plan for SAU 73

January 18, 2012
Gilford School District administrators and their Steering Committee members have been working to develop a new strategic plan, including new mission and vision statements for the district.

In the early stages of the process, Steering Committee members have worked to affirm the language of the mission and vision statements accepted in the last long range plan.

According to Superintendent Kent Hemingway, the mission of the Gilford School District, in partnership with the community, is to actively engage all students in a broad range of educational opportunities that enable them to make responsible choices and succeed throughout life in a changing society.

In line with that mission, the SAU Steering Committee constructed the new Vision Statement as "A community developing lifelong learners contributing to a better world."

Hemingway said they also have developed a set of expectations to guide in the development of specific goals, strategies and actions for the entire district.

According to the new expectations, the Gilford School District will provide a disciplined, safe environment that promotes learning; provides students with a dynamic curriculum that prepares them for careers and further education; ensures that all students can learn and will meet yearly curriculum competencies; recognizes and adapts the curriculum to meet individual student learning styles; actively engages families in the educational process; promotes personal responsibility, accountability and wellness as an integral part of the educational process; develops strong business and community partnerships to support a broad range of opportunities and positive influences for students; establishes a plan for students to participate in community service projects to develop character and citizenship; promotes open communications that promote accountability; expects employees to excel in their positions and will support their efforts for continuous improvement; examines the use of all resources to maximize impact and effectiveness; and provides the integration of appropriate technology essential to the education process.

Committee members welcome public input, and are making active strides to get residents' opinions through a survey. They have created a Web site to provide the survey online on the district home page, http://www.sau73.org, to get public input regarding the expectations. Paper survey copies are also available in the four school offices, GSD, GHS, GMS, GES, Gilford Public Library and Gilford Village Store.

For more information on the Strategic Plan, visit https://sites.google.com/a/sau73.org/stratplan/.

The Steering Committee's next step will be to review responses to expectations then develop specific goals and priorities established with public input. The Steering Committee will work through the winter on the process and report to the School Board at the April 2012 regular meeting.

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