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Romney wins primary everywhere but Effingham

by Thomas Beeler
Editor of The Granite State News

VOTING IN EFFINGHAM has moved to its new home at Effingham Elementary School. Voting in recent years has been held in the tight quarters of the Effingham Town Office building. Not only does the new voting location give more room for election workers and voters but also makes voting much more convenient for parents whose children attend the school. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
January 12, 2012
COUNTY — Mitt Romney had little trouble winning the Republican primary in Carroll County, pulling 2,795 votes of the 6,668 votes cast for the top eight contenders in nine towns analyzed. His 41.9 percent share of the votes was higher in these nine towns than the 39 percent projected for him statewide at press time.

Second-place finisher Ron Paul won 1,579 votes, giving him a 23.7 percent share, which was slightly higher than the 23 percent projected statewide.

In third place was Jon Huntsman with 974 votes or 14.6 percent. This was lower than the 17 percent statewide projection. However, in Tuftonboro Huntsman edged out Paul by 130 votes to 123.

Newt Gingrich came in fourth with 700 votes (10.5 percent), followed by Rick Santorum with 543 votes (8.1 percent). None of the remaining contenders received significant votes: Rick Perry was sixth with 38 votes, Buddy Roemer was seventh with 24 votes and Michelle Bachmann, who has dropped out of the race, was eighth with 15 votes.

The same vote pattern held in all other Carroll County towns analyzed except Effingham, where Paul came in first with 125 votes to Romney's 88. Paul also came within two votes of tying Romney in Tamworth and Gingrich outpolled Huntsman in Ossipee.

Republican Primary results by local towns were:

Brookfield: Romney 82, Paul 58, Huntsman 27, Gingrich 26, Santorum 26, Perry 2, Roemer 2 and Bachmann 1.

Effingham: Romney 88, Paul 125, Huntsman 41, Gingrich 25, and Santorum 36.

Freedom: Romney 154, Paul 93, Huntsman 74, Gingrich 34, Santorum 30, Perry 3, Roemer 2 and Bachmann 0.

Madison: Romney 178, Paul 148, Huntsman 94, Gingrich 37, Santorum 43, Perry 2, Roemer 1 and Bachmann 0.

Ossipee: Romney 294, Paul 248, Huntsman 112, Gingrich 127, Santorum 70, Perry 8, Roemer 6 and Bachmann 5.

Tamworth: Romney 156, Paul 154, Huntsman 89, Gingrich 58, Santorum 46, Perry 1, Roemer 1 and Bachmann 0.

Tuftonboro: Romney 413, Paul 123, Huntsman 130, Gingrich 73, Santorum 65, Perry 3, Roemer 3 and Bachmann 3.

Wakefield: Romney 364, Paul 278, Huntsman 126, Gingrich 119, Santorum 116, Perry 7, Roemer 2 and Bachmann 3.

Wolfeboro: Romney 1,066, Paul 352, Huntsman 281, Gingrich 201, Santorum 111, Perry 12, Roemer 7 and Bachmann 3.

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