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Insurance falls short on Weathervane Theatre rebuild

January 11, 2012
WHITEFIELD The insurance on the Weathervane Theatre and the old barn razed last October by fire will not begin to cover the costs to rebuild.

"Eventual insurance coverage will not begin to cover the considerable cost to not only repair the theatre building," Lyn Winter, the theatre's managing director, "but replace more than 4,000 square feet of dressing rooms and workshop space."

The Weathervane Theatre recently submitted an application to address the damage caused by the Oct. 10 fire. Originally, the barn served as the theatre, more recently the space was used for storage, workspace and dressing rooms. The cause of the fire is presently undetermined by the state's Fire Marshall.

The Theatre has filed a Development Permit Application that calls for the demolition and replacement of the south-side bathroom corridor, construction of a new dressing room wing on the south side, removal of existing trailer on the north side of the property and installation of a 40 x 80 metal prefab building and the installation of doors on the on the north side of the theatre.

Winter was quick to add that the plans, especially the construction of a metal prefab building, were not definite.

"While we have filed some preliminary ideas with the town, the fact is that we were looking for direction as we continue the planning process," Winter said in an e-mail exchange. "Preliminary approval does not represent the shape our final plans may take."

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