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Berlin and Stark on CBS News

Craig and Crystal Martin, owners of Rumorz Boutique being interviewed by CBS News, last week. Jody Houle. (click for larger version)
January 11, 2012
BERLIN - A crew from CBS New York Evening News with Scott Pelley came to Berlin on Thursday and Friday covering the primary and how the economy influences local independent voters.

The news crew set up interviews throughout a two day period with Mark Belanger, manager of the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security's local office, residents Nancy and Maria Malone, resident Louis Cote, and Craig and Crystal Martin, owners of Rumorz Boutique. The interview with Rumorz owners took place at Tea-Birds cafe in the Winterland Market Place.

Wendy Krantz, Producer of CBS Evening News contacted Poof Tardiff, who escorted the television crew on a tour Thursday of Berlin, including the Burgess BioPower plant, and the Russian Orthodox Church, among other places.

"They asked me to guide her around Berlin," Tardiff said.

What message does he hope they will leave with? "How far, remote and beautiful Berlin is."

CBS Producer Wendy Krantz mentioned that their coverage of the primary in Berlin focused on how the recession is swaying votes. "The economy is a big issue in the North Country. There are folks who are still undecided."

Correspondent for CBS, Nancy Cordes, said "There's a lot of pride up here. The recession started earlier in the North Country, so we are covering its impact on the voters."

The story was scheduled to air on Tuesday on CBS channel 13 at 6:30 p.m..

A crew from ABC News also shot a segment about Stark, which appeared on last Thursday's Early Show (at 8:10 a.m.) The story focused on the local economy and included interviews with Innkeeper Nancy Spaulding, and two former mill workers -- Ronnie Lunn and Roger Caron. It also included 1980 footage of Sen. Ted Kennedy's 1980 tour of the Groveton mill.

Spaulding said the whole thing came as surprise to her. She was washing dishes at her Stark Village Inn, when a knock came at the door, and low and behold it was a producer for CBS News. From there they wandered over to the former paper mill and found Caron and later they were put in touch with Lunn.

Many people mentioned the notoriety of a little North Country being on national news. One person did tell Spaulding that they noticed a spot on her shirt; she replied "I don't get dressed up to wash dishes." As to the final piece that appeared on television, Spaulding said, she was "very impressed with it. They did a good job."

(Jeff Woodburn contributed to this story)

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