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Carroll County Transit new public bus service begins

CARROLL COUNTY TRANSIT DRIVERS gave complimentary bus rides to attendees at the official Blue Loon kickoff event held Tuesday at Tri-County Community Action’s Tamworth site on Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 3. With delivery of the new full-size busses, the program will now offer daily bussing from Wolfeboro to North Conway and over to Laconia. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
January 05, 2012
TAMWORTH — After years of planning and waiting and hoping for this day, transportation planning officials unveiled the Blue Loon "big busses" at an event held Tuesday, Jan. 3, at Tri-County Community Action in Tamworth.

Though bus service had been delayed due to longer than expected wait time for the busses to be built, the drivers have all gone through rigorous training, the routes are set, and the busses are ready to provide transportation.

Starting Jan. 4 and ending Jan. 13 passengers are able to ride for free to try out the new bus service that will take riders from North Conway to Wolfeboro or over to Laconia. The new busses look very similar to the smaller Blue Loon busses that have been transporting passengers throughout the county for months now. By appointment, those smaller, "on demand" busses will continue to pick up passengers and take them to the main bus route.

The main system consists of three routes running north, south and west to Laconia with the opportunity to transfer onto the Winnipesaukee Transit System serving the Laconia area. All three Blue Loon routes will leave West Ossipee at approximately the same time in the morning. Route 1 will travel north to North Conway, making various stops at designated points along the way for pickup and drop-off of passengers. Route 2 will travel south to Wolfeboro stopping at designated stops along the way. Routes 1 and 2 will loop continuously throughout the day stopping at the designated stops and meeting in West Ossipee at various times where people can transfer if desired. The routes are set up to be able to deviate ¼ mile off route to pick up people, if the arrangements are made by contacting the dispatcher 24 hours in advance. This can be done by calling toll-free (866) 752-6890.

Route 3, between West Ossipee and Laconia, will differ from Routes 1 and 2. Route 3 is a commuter route to get people to work and back although it is available for anyone to ride for any reason.


Route 1

West Ossipee to North Conway


McDonald's 6:30 9:14 12:52 3:26

TCCAP 6:40 9:04 9:24 12:24 1:02 3:16 3:36 6:30

DHHS 7:05 8:39 9:49 11:59 1:17 2:51 4:01

Shaw's Market 7:22 8:22 10:06 11:42 1:34 2:34 4:18

Settler's Green 7:37 8:07 10:57 11:27 1:49 2:19 5:07

Memorial Hosp. 7:52 11:12 2:04 5:22

Other available stops along Route 1 include Tamworth Medical Building, Silver Lake Landing and Community Market in Madison, Saco River, Medical Group, Granite State College, Wal-Mart, Hannaford, Christmas Tree Shop, Depot Road Parking Lot and the

Wooden Soldier.

Route 2

West Ossipee to Wolfeboro


McDonald's 6:30 9:35 12:25 3:35 6:05

Indian Mound 6:41 8:49 9:41 11:50 12:36 2:44 3:46 5:54

Hannaford 7:00 8:30 10:00 11:31 12:55 2:25 4:04 5:35

County Complex 7:07 8:23 10:07 11:24 1:02 2:18 4:12 5:28

DHHS/Bay St. 7:28 8:02 10:28 11:03 1:23 1:57 4:33 5:07

Huggins Hosp. 7:40 7:50 10:40 10:50 1:35 1:45 4:45 4:55

Train Depot 7:45 10:45 1:40 4:50

Other available stops along Route 2 include Ossipee Mountain Estates, Center Ossipee Village Apartments, Ossipee Crossings Senior Center, Family Dollar Store, Ossipee Medical Center, and 7-11 Store.

Route 3 Commuter Route

West Ossipee to Laconia


McDonald's 6:15 9:10 3:15 6:10

Sandwich Library 6:35 8:46 3:35 5:47

Mboro Town Hall 6:42 8:39 3:42 5:40

Playground Rd. Lot 6:50 8:30 3:57 5:30

Heath's Plaza 7:00 8:25 4:02 5:25

Hannaford 7:05 8:15 4:08 5:15

Meredith Docks 7:10 8:10 4:11 5:11

Forrest View 7:23 7:27 4:24 4:57

Laconia Train Station 7:40 4:41

The Route 3 Commuter Route bus will leave West Ossipee at 6:15a.m., arriving at the Laconia Train Station at 7:40 a.m. and returning to West Ossipee at 9:10 a.m. A late afternoon commuter run will leave Ossipee at 3:15 p.m., arrive at Laconia Train Station at 4:41 p.m. and arrive back in West Ossipee at 6:10 p.m.

Fares for all the routes are meant to be affordable. One way on each route will cost $2 with unlimited disembarking and boarding. Super Saver Passes will be available offering unlimited riding on all three routes for $5 a day, $20 a week, and $75 for a month. For example, if a rider were to travel from West Ossipee to North Conway it would cost $2; if they were to travel back to West Ossipee it would cost an additional $2 or a total of $4 for the round trip.

If a passenger were to travel from West Ossipee to North Conway, then south to Wolfeboro it would be either $2 each route (total of $6) or they could buy a Super Saver Pass for $5. This pass would enable them to also ride back to West Ossipee or back to North Conway at no additional cost.

As previously mentioned the points of interest that the routes will pass provide the opportunity for people to flag down the bus and get on as long as it is a safe place for the bus to stop, or to insure a pick up at one of the points, please call and schedule it 24 hours in advance. Officials are also working with businesses to establish signage for designated bus stops.

Getting used to the county's first real public transportation system, officials acknowledge, will take some time.

Anyone with questions is asked to call Carroll County Transit at (866)752-6890. The route schedules are expected to be on Tri-County Community Action Program's Web site in the near future at www.tccap.org.

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