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Joyce Endee

Gorham teachers look with envy at Berlin's pay

January 04, 2012
GORHAM – Gorham teachers may look with envy to their neighbors to the North. Berlin's teachers get on average $9,000 more than their Gorham counterparts.

The Gorham, Randolph and Shelburne Cooperative school board and Gorham's teachers were unable to reach a compromise on a contract for the 2012-13 school year. Both the GRS Cooperative School Board and the local teachers union – an affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) – agreed to disagree at least until later in the year. Both want to avoid mediation and keeping working toward a resolution.

"Both sides appreciate the efforts put forth by the other, but there were issues that they mutually could not overcome," according to a press release issued by the SAU 20 office. Gorham teachers fall within the top half of the North Country school pay schedule. Gorham's minimum teacher pay rate is $32,841for a new teacher with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, while their maximum pay rate is $54,142 with a Master's Degree plus 30 additional credits and 15 years of teaching experience. The average teacher earns $44,150, which is below the state-wide ($51,443) and regional average.

Berlin and Littleton teachers are paid the most. Berlin has the highest maximum rate of $66,252, while Littleton the highest starting rate of $37,655. The average Berlin and Littleton teachers are paid respectively $53,011 and 51,953. The lowest paid teachers are in Stewartstown, where the range is a low of $25,305 and a high of $33,750. Stark with an average of $30,800, has state's lowest average teacher salary.

North Country School Teachers' pay scale

Teacher contracts use a salary system based upon teaching experience and educational attainment. The minimum represents a teacher with no experience and a required Bachelor of Arts and the maximum represents a teacher with a Master's Degree (plus additional credits) with a maximum number of years of experience. This data is provided by the state Department of Education at www.education.nh.gov.

School District Minimum Pay (BA) Maximum (MA plus) Average Salary

Berlin 34,501 66,252 53,011

Littleton 37,655 63,305 51,953

Haverhill 33,162 63,117 46,462

Lincoln-Woodstock33,584 51,453 49,255

Gorham 32,841 54,142 44,150

Conway 32,841 54,142 41,333

Lisbon 32,571 56,999 49,285

Profile 31,627 59,687 46,413

Stratford 30,250 40,500 36,565

Colebrook 30,000 45,300 41,023

Milan 29,845 50,305 39,700

Bethlehem 29,730 56,495 49,975

Northumberland29,248 58,008 44,854

Pittsburg 29,000 39,200 41,093

Stark 29,000 39,200 30,800

White Mtns 28,850 42,733 39,202

Errol 27,333 66,252 39,580

Stewartstown 25,305 33,750 34,269

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