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Teachers' contract, renovation highlight the year at ACS

December 30, 2011
ALTON — In January, the Alton School Board approved a Fiscal Year 2012 budget of $12,949,663, with a default budget of $12,853,289 set.

The Alton Teachers' Association and the school board also came to an agreement on a one-year master agreement that would be effective July 1 through June 30, 2012.

In February, the deliberative session was held at PMHS. Nearly 20 warrant articles were discussed during the deliberative session.

During the session, the bottom line budget was increased by $30,000 to $12,279,663. The reason for this increase was the $30,000 that was taken out by the budget committee for the snow plowing budget.

This money was taken out by the budget committee because it felt the school board hired Chip Krause, the architect for the school, without putting the project out to bid. The elimination of the $30,000 was done by the budget committee to send a message.

In February, Sydney Leggett, the curriculum coordinator, reviewed the NECAP scores from the fall with the school board.

She explained that the scores were down, and that changes in the curriculum should be resulting in a rise in the scores in the coming years.

During the March election, the voters in town failed to pass a new master agreement for the Alton Central teachers by a vote of 404 to 404.

In October, the measure came up for a vote again in a special election and passed.

The budget article failed, which established a default budget of $12,853,289.

Sandy Wyatt was re-elected to her position on the school board.

In May, the buildings and grounds committee started to review design ideas for the renovations to ACS with Krause.

The committee held several meetings and forums on the issue throughout the summer and fall months and ended up getting an original estimate between $21 million and $26 million.

The renovation originally included a new gym and a geothermal heating system, but the gym was removed from the project and the geothermal system was made into a separate warrant article.

In December, the committee approved a bottom line number for a warrant article of just over $18 million.

In June, an article ran about the departure of Principal Bonnie Jean Kuras from ACS after four years.

The school board elected to hire Leggett as the interim principal for the 2011-2012 school year.

On June 21, a celebration was held at ACS to honor the 75 students who were moving forward to Prospect Mountain High School.

In late June, a special meeting was held to discuss a new teachers' master agreement, which was reached. This issue was presented to the voters in October and passed by a vote of 270 to 173, providing an agreement effective July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

In August, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the creation of a community garden that was constructed and built by ACS students enrolled in the summer school program.

In September, Leggett began her time as the interim principal at ACS.

In October, the school reviewed the 2012-2013 budget approved a final bottom line number of $9,637,507.

In November, ACS held a special celebration to honor veterans in town on Veterans Day.

Janna Mellon was appointed as the new recording secretary in November.

In December, the school approved a final number to be placed in warrant articles for the cost of the renovation at ACS. This total number was $18,042,000 and will be presented to the voters in March.

An additional warrant article that will create a geothermal heating system with a total cost of $1.75 million will also be on the ballot.

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